“Anyhow revolution” — the overthrow of President Evo Morales

«Тяп-ляп революция» — о свержении президента Эво Моралеса

One more country fell under the blows haositov.

The scenario has turned out traditional: elections, Pro-American defeat of the opponent, accusations to the authorities of fraud, demonstrations, fluctuations of the security agencies and the army with a gradual transition to the side of the rebels, the resignation of the President. Everything is so familiar that it’s disgusting. Given the provincial backwater scene in Washington decided not to spoil the audience with some plot innovations – “will do”.

And in fact, has “gone there.” But some details still remain unclear to the General public, especially in Russia and need to clarify.

Caveat the first: in the last election of President Morales ahead of his rival by as much as 10 percent. Actually, this is the level when the “color revolution” to arrange a little unseemly gap is too large, to talk about fraud is somehow stupid. Remember, vote for Yushchenko and Yanukovych in 2004 were divided almost equally, Saakashvili from his rivals separated in 2003, also only 3 per cent. And here – 10! Undignified… But in the little things decided to score – backwater, that would be fine.

Caveat the second: who counts the votes? Well, first did, of course, the local Central election Commission, but after the protests began voice started to count the Organization of American States, and then decided that did so in the name of the national consent of golazeski it is necessary to declare invalid, and the election to cancel. Here’s the surprise came from the lips of the Secretary General of the organization with headquarters in Washington! Again, it’s simple and rough, without problems and overtures from the us capital said in plain text that the elections in another country it is necessary to reset.

Caveat the third: who was the rival of Morales in the elections? And here’s a heartbreaking story, too, however, is extremely cynical and uncomplicated!

Morales became President in 2006 on a wave of very serious, long-term nationwide protests, but not “color-revolutionary” character, and truly revolutionary – the country protested against the sale of Bolivian natural gas at bargain prices to foreign concessionaires, and also against the construction of long pipelines running through the lands of the Indians, and of the package against the U.S. and its main Bolivian agent of influence, by a sad coincidence, who was at that time President of Bolivia – Carlos Mesa. The protests were so massive, prolonged and fierce that Mesa had resigned and he was replaced by Morales, who promised to shorten different imperialist predators, eager to cheap natural resources. And, in fact, did.

And now – 2019. Presidential election. Who do you think puts them a candidate from “United opposition”? Well, of course, CARLOS MESA! The one who 14 years ago was forced to resign in shame under the catcalls and rotten tomatoes. Other reliable comrades at the White house in Bolivia as it is not found, had to shove foul sturgeon. Again, for the third an example of extreme disregard for the world community contemplates this performance Pogorely theater.

And finally, the fourth caveat – after the resignation of Morales the government moved to the second Deputy of the Senate of Hearin Agnes. Agree – this post refers not to the first echelon of power. And responsibilities of the head of state Agnes put on herself: “”It is a duty which I have to take,” said Agnes live on Bolivian television”. For the reason, de that all other senior officials belonged to the team of Morales and also resigned, and one of her on the ice remained, and so – heroically takes command. If we leave aside the irony, it is necessary to remember that the coup was supported by, among others, and the head of the Bolivian armed forces Williams Romero, so all the “moralnosci” could resign, um, not voluntarily. Therefore, the government had to give the one that was left – of the one, and the balance of decency had to keep.

What’s next? Yes, it is clear that the Agnes will be the ACTING President, like Turchynov of Ukraine’s presidential election, which predictably “win” Mesa. Then Mesa will shake Agnes the handle, it will appoint on a high post, and Bolivia will resume interrupted in 2005, the project of plundering natural resources. That is, in fact, this unpretentious Latin American story and the end. Will those now Maidan against Morales to protest against the American mining companies? However, in this country for 200 years, had 200 coups, they are not used.

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