Apologies to the LGBTQ2: conservatives admit their discomfort

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
The leader of the conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer

The apology of the Trudeau government to the members of the community LGBTQ2 have not been unanimity among the conservatives.


Some elected members of the PCC recognize indeed have been uncomfortable with the content of the speech of the prime minister. Their leader, Andrew Scheer, said, however, that based on the gesture of the government he was speaking on behalf of his caucus as a whole.


The speech by Justin Trudeau in the Commons on Tuesday, had been punctuated by cheers and applause.


Some conservative mps present in the Room, however, had preferred to remain seated rather than joining in the cheers of their colleagues. Thirty other conservatives — which represents about one-third of the caucus — were absent.


Invited to comment, on Wednesday, the head of the party has argued that this was ” not the time to politicize issues like this “. Andrew Scheer had taken the floor to his lap, after a speech of nearly half-an-hour of the first minister, to give his, to a little more than six minutes.


“My words speak for our caucus. I offered my words very, very sincere on the part of our caucus, and it is the position of the conservative Party “, he countered Wednesday with a few questions that have been asked on the subject.


About exaggerated


It is that two of his deputies came to confess, a few hours earlier, to have found the words of the prime minister exaggerated. Ted Falk and Harold Albrecht are both sat there for the prime minister’s apology.


“I support the apology, it is for that that I was present,” said Harold Albrecht to The canadian Press.


“I did not support all the things that have been said in the apology. It’s gone beyond the excuse, he however pleaded. When we start to talk about children six years of age in this context, I take off. “


Justin Trudeau was sent in the end of the speech, to the ” children who listen at home and who are afraid of being rejected because of their sexual orientation “. “You, your own truth, 6 or 16 or 60 years old, the person that you are, is legitimate “, he launched.


Further than the apology


Ted Falk has not wanted to pursue the source of his discomfort. “I believe in the apology. I support the apology. I believe that some of the statements went further than that, ” he indicated to The canadian Press, before turning on his heels.


Mr. Albrecht and Mr. Falk are both considered pro-life by the site, Campaign for Life, which assesses the elected student their votes on issues such as abortion or gay marriage.


Mr. Albrecht has supported a motion to reopen the debate on the definition of marriage. Mr. Falk is the opposite, as his colleague, to help to die and the prohibition of discrimination against transgender people.


Andrew Scheer has also a newsletter, perfect, according to the Campaign for Life. He had opposed in the past the marriage between spouses of the same sex, but had promised, throwing in the race for the leadership of the conservative Party that it would not reopen this debate.




“I’m not naive. I know that there is work to be done, ” said the special adviser to the prime minister for the issues of the community LGBTQ2, Randy Boissonnault. Since, in the context of his work, he tells of being first-hand that “the hatred exists” on the social networks. But he was delighted that all the leaders of parties have participated in the apologies of his government.


His colleague Robert Oliphant has chosen him to greet the large number of elected officials who were actually present in Parliament. “I had very low expectations,” he confided, telling that even his own family had taken a long time to accept his homosexuality.


The speech of Andrew Scheer pleased him, and he also went to congratulate, ” because he must continue to shoot his caucus, and I was encouraged by seeing the number of them who were present “.

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