Appeared contact lenses for Daltonics

A woman has created a new prototype contact lens, which, she said, will allow people with colorblindness to see the full spectrum of colors.

З&#039явилися контактні лінзи для дальтоників

In collaboration with scientists from the University of Saint Mary Gabriel Mason, CEO of Colorsmith Labs Inc., have developed a contact lens with a special coating swfloader and technology of nanoparticles.

“Not everyone wants to go to tinted glasses, you know? – she told CTV Atlantic, We all love Bono, vocalist of U2, but nobody wants to look like him every day,” informs Rus.Media.

In the end, the Mason wants her lenses helped people with vision problems, such as deuteranopia, which is usually inherited in the form of red-green color blindness

The prototype hasn’t been tested on the masses, but the company from Halifax, which she founded in 2017, hopes to do so soon.

Daniel Tokarz, Professor of chemical faculty of St. Mary’s University, helps the Mason to improve the technology. Difficulties with distinguishing colors from the 28-year-old women actually inspired her to work in the field of eye care.

“When I was little, I had an eye disease called amblyopia, which I lost sight in one eye,” said Mason, adding that she went on to study chemistry at Dalhousie University.

She explained that thousands of jobs require people to see the full color spectrum – including pilots, electricians, and even officers. She hopes that her invention will open up all career opportunities for people with color blindness.

З&#039явилися контактні лінзи для дальтоників

She said her team is looking for investor who can invest in his project is $1.5 million, so they could get to the finish line.

Funding will be directed to enter into a contract with the manufacturer for the manufacture of lenses for clinical trials in humans.