Apple and Google together to develop a standard for intelligent home

Apple и Google вместе разрабатывают стандарт умного дома

Choose the gadgets for the smart home will become easier. Devices from different vendors will be compatible with each other

The largest company on the planet began work on an open standard smart home. Thanks to the development of Apple, Google, Ikea, Samsung, SmartThings, Philips Lighting and other smart gadgets for the home from different manufacturers will be compatible, writes The Verge.

The development of a standard in Connected Home Over IP, which also joined the Alliance Zigbee Alliance. Interoperability of devices and software Protocol for a new standard should give an impetus to development of smart home systems. Users will be able to buy the device and be sure that they will work together. Developers can write generic code and reduce the cost of creating.

The basis of the new standard will be the existing technology of “smart” home Apple HomeKit, Amazon, Alexa and Google’s Weave. The first draft document must be submitted at the end of 2020.

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