Apple in Las Vegas trolls exhibitors CES

Apple does not participate in large-scale exhibitions, which attracts a lot of manufacturers, but not against trolling competitors.

Apple в Лас-Вегасі тролить учасників виставки CES

What happened in Vegas

A few days ago on the wall of the SpringHills hotel in Las Vegas there was a huge banner that says “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone” (“Everything that happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”), informs Rus.Media.

This is a reference to the famous saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Also on the banner specified address where can I find information about Apple Pay and Face ID and information protection “Apple” devices.

Why is it necessary

The poster appeared in Vegas just before the consumer electronics show CES, which starts January 8. The participants will not miss this move Cupertino. In any case, journalists have noticed.

Likely that Apple hints at data protection, with which Android devices problem.

Recall that Apple itself does not participate in CES or other such exhibitions, preferring to spend for the presentation of new gadgets an individual event.