Apple will release the iPhone 12 with a thinner OLED displays

Apple выпустит iPhone 12 с более тонкими OLED-дисплеями

Rumors about the new iPhone began to flood the Internet a few months before its launch in September 2020. The new publication States that Apple will implement a new display technology on their premium models of the iPhone.

According to ET News, the company from Cupertino in 2020 will supply the Pro model with thinner displays. They will appear with a new Y-OL OCTA-panels from Samsung.

Previously, Apple decided to apply this technology to iPhone 11 Pro, but for unknown reasons the plan was postponed.

Technology Y-OCTA touch allows you to embed schema directly in OLED screens as thin display which also costs less. It is unknown whether future iPhones thinner, or brand that uses the extra space to add a larger battery.

They say that Apple will release a Pro version iPhone 12 with 5.4 – and 6.7-inch screens, respectively. More affordable iPhone 12 with a screen 6.1 inch will continue to use traditional film. The publication also mentions that Samsung and LG may become the sole providers of iPhones 2020. China’s BOE might be out of the competition due to the lower rate of output.

Samsung uses Y-OCTA panel on their smartphones since Galaxy Note7. The next Galaxy S8 is also switched on them, and top-end S8+ has uvasol with traditional panels.

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