Apple will unveil three new iPhone models in 2019

Two of them are normal and one premium.

Компанія Apple представить три нові моделі iPhone в 2019 році

In 2019 there will be three new legendary iPhone models from Apple. It is expected that one of them will be equipped with LCD screen. According to The Wall Street Journal, informs Rus.Media.

It is reported that the new iPhone will be premium and standard models. The first will be equipped with a triple camera on the back, and the rest – dual cameras. However, in the more budget models still retained the LCD screen.

In the following, 2020 Apple could abandon it completely and go to vehicle displays with OLED technology (OLED). To date, these displays are used in the models XS. They are believed to have higher contrast compared with the cheaper LCD screens.

Note that the most up to date smartphones by Apple – iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR – did not meet expectations and did not use the expected demand. In 2019, already on 2 January, Apple has lowered its forecast for quarterly revenue for the first time in nearly two decades, noting weaker-than-expected sales in key emerging markets, including China.