Applications such as Spotify or Pinterest, apparently disturbed by a bug of Facebook

Des applications comme Spotify ou Pinterest apparemment perturbées par un bogue de Facebook

The operation of several popular applications such as Spotify, Pinterest, or the New York Times on Apple devices was disrupted on Friday by a problem apparently related to a bug in the social network Facebook.

“We are aware of and are trying to find the origin of an increase of errors” in a system enabling the design of applications, “which leads some apps to fail”, is it written on the social network website intended for developers.

Users relating to, inter alia, that their applications were not open on the iPhone, the difficulties of power sometimes over several hours. Several users challenged the software development kit for Facebook.

The origin of the problem, however, was not yet confirmed in the immediate future.

The website “Downdetector”, which identifies failures and other computer bugs in real time, showed a surge in problems for the application Spotify, Pinterest, Waze, or New York Times.

The number of reported bugs decreased, however, on Friday morning, and the most popular applications seemed to open normally.

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