April 10 – 24 lunar day: it is a great time to start a successful business!

Today it is possible to ask forgiveness for past wrongs and with a clear conscience to rest.

10 квітня - 24 місячний день: це прекрасний час для старту успішних справ!

The moon in Aquarius. Symbol 24 lunar day – bear

24 lunar day tension of the previous day, the energy becomes more measured and focused, but also active. Today you can feel the relief and even some joy in the fact that such an aggressive and unpredictable twenty-third day of the moon in the past, you are adequately experienced and able in something to become better.

It’s not a good day for creative people, not only in terms of productive work and sublime spirituality of sentiment, today we can present their work to the public, they will be perceived in the best way. And generally people today will be more loyal and loving, so all the aggression they have already splashed out on the last day. Today it is possible to ask forgiveness for past wrongs and with a clear conscience to rest.

24 lunar day it is not necessary to visit mass events, it is better to spend it in a small group of people close to you and do something interesting. Today already there is no desire to sort things out, to clash, but for large-scale entertainment events mental strength is not enough. Today you can also go to a pleasant voyage, it will bring only positive emotions and will have a successful outcome.

24 lunar day promotes the assimilation of new knowledge, training or just work on solutions to important issues, today you will be able to focus easily and find quite unusual and simple solutions to most complicated problems.
Today it is also desirable to work the land, especially to do Sabu, the grain planted in this day, will give a rich harvest. But Eastern astrologers recommend to start construction in 24 lunar day.

Even the world-famous Egyptian pyramids began to build in the lunar day. Today do well to begin the embodiment of any long-term plans, this is the perfect time to start a successful event. The main thing to think about and to prepare for, and generally how to spend the day you have to plan ahead and things will go very easily.

If no special plans, then spend 24 lunar day, resting, and avoiding hassles, just build your strength for future achievements, like a bear after a long winter in their den.

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