April 5 – international day of soup

Soup – the first dish and an important part of the daily diet.

5 квітня - Міжнародний день супу

Soup is a “kit” of ingredients that create the overall taste and composition. Although the methods of cooking traditions and recipes of soups were developed in the past, but widespread in Europe, the soups got until the 18th century. Later this dish spread around the world. By the way, first the liquid food called pottage. The word “soup” appeared only in the times of Peter I . Decoction in ancient times was called meat, fish and vegetable broths. In the national cuisine of any country, there are recipes for this dish. The soup is prepared both in summer and in winter. Soups help to fill your stomach and restore strength, tone your body. And doctors believe in the usefulness of the soups even during the illness, prescribing the patient light broths and vegetable soups for recuperation. According to doctors, soups are beneficial to the digestive system, stimulating the production of enzymes and gastric juice, is the prevention cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and even cancer. But it is important to remember not to abuse meat, fish and mushroom soups those who increased acidity of gastric juice and people prone to kidney stones and gout.

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