April’s stargazing Lirida: here’s how you can make a wish on a falling star

Апрельский звездопад Лириды: вот как можно загадать желание на падающую звезду

Starfall is an amazing and very bright phenomenon!

This is one of the most spectacular spring starbursts. Especially well it will occur at sunset. The beginning of a free fall drop from 16 April to 25 April.

Lerida is considered the most beautiful starry stream. And all thanks to the special structure of the meteors, they’re like comets, composed of ice and dust. So the show is especially amazing.

And this gives you the ability to make almost any desire. More a long time to starbursts treated very tenderly. It was believed that they Herald life changes.

According to astrologers Starfall Lerida foretell special changes. This is a very rapid and dynamic flow. It can make lifestyle more pace and energy.

This Starfall can attract good luck in life. Therefore, you should not miss this opportunity.

But to make a wish during a shooting star it is necessary to try very much. It is believed that the only way the wish will certainly be fulfilled.

There are two effective ways to successfully make the wish. First, time to say it before we go out trail from a meteor. And the second is visualization.

If you are not able to voice their desire, it is enough again to play in the imagination of a falling star. But only one witness which you began. So the probability of the fulfillment of desires will be even higher.

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