APU: army, dangerous to their people

ВСУ: армия, опасная для своего народа

While they were preparing for the Paris summit in “Normandy format”, have come numerous reports that the Ukrainian army, which the official Kiev is trying to blackmail Europe and the Donbass, is rapidly losing not only combat capability, but just the human form.Alcoholism, drug addiction, corruption, theft, desertion — here is a partial list of the qualities that Mat today, probably more than any army of Europe.

Characteristically, one of the main news from Paris on 9 December was that on the “Normandy summit” failed to agree on further dilution of forces and means along the line of contact in Donbas. That, apparently, the reason that the Ukrainian side in the person of its leadership is unable to fully control his entire army, that is, radicals and so-called dobrobiti. Here in the night from 8 to 9 December, on the eve of negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian artillery fired at towns in the West of Donetsk, there is destruction.


In the army — Mat — continued desertion. So, two days ago, the DNR ran across another soldier APU, a native of the Nikolaev area who told us that a great number of his colleagues attempts to escape from military service, especially from the combat zone in the Donbass. Exactly one year ago, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios announced staggering numbers: from the Ukrainian army, starting in 2014, ran 33 798 soldiers. Despite the fact that the number of APU is in the range of 200-250 thousand people. According to Ukrainian experts familiar with the report Matios, many of the deserters left their units with weapons in their hands. Earlier Matios said that APU for four years has lost more than 15 thousand units of firearms. At the same day the Ukrainian police caught a soldier from Vinnitsa who stole the truck with military equipment to “go to mom”.

Those who cannot escape, commit acts of self-harm and even commit suicide. The figures on this creepy topic keeps Ukraine in strict confidence. The Ministry of veterans, the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons affirms that no data on suicides among combatants in the Donbas, SBU because they are classified. But experts believe that speech can go about several thousand people.

Death on display

Have long since ceased to be the story of the information about the killings in the Ukrainian army. Here is the data just one week: from 1 to 8 December. In a military unit in Uzhgorod 31-year-old the soldiers repeatedly stabbed 52-year-old officer. In Berdyansk Colonel being shot with a machine gun sentry in the town in a drunken brawl one soldier and killed another in the sauna and tried to make his death look like an accident.

It is sometimes possible to disarm the suicide bombers who threatened to blow up themselves and others. So it was recently in one of night clubs of Ternopil, which with the grenade in his hand, bought, as it turned out, for 800 hryvnia, ran a drunken soldier from the 44th separate artillery brigade. It was in one of the hospitals in the city, where stoned drugs the soldier put a grenade on his nightstand with the words “if that, and yourself, and you padded jacket will explode”.

Army of takers

Byword was the corruption in the armed forces. Ukrainian soldiers who arrived to the training center to study for drone operators, was sent to build generals ‘ dachas. In operational command of the “Vostok” armed forces of Ukraine are banned to use obtained from volunteers cars in order to disrupt the use of corruption schemes in supplies of vehicles in the army. This step of the Ministry of defence has caused a flurry of indignation from the “heroes” somehow smeared in corruption.

By the way, about heroes. One of the so-called “cyborgs”, the hero of Ukraine Yevhen Mezhevikina will have to answer for theft of military property and funds. According to some, the test and the case for “hero” was organized by American advisers, not wishing to understand Ukrainian military mentality. Hero-the Mezhevikin phony, it’s all in the APU know, but, judging by the fact that he took not only military prosecutors and civil, the thief got out first-class. Of course, Mezhevikin immediately started old Ukrainian game called “bye, and me for what?”

The Ukrainian army a prey. Well, then, us W funds pumped into the system tens or hundreds of millions. An extensive system of bribery exists not only where the quartermasters and commanders stealing property, but also in the system of military medicine.

Not only privates and sergeants want to escape from the combat zone, and officers. But then, they are higher military education received, people with College degrees came to the case with fiction. Recently Ukraine was a scandal, bloated public men. It turns out that many officers of the Ukrainian army gave the doctors a bribe in 4-5 thousand dollars (96-120 thousand hryvnia) to conclude that hypertension or degenerative disc disease received at protection of the Motherland. They’re from the Treasury was paid at 440-560 thousand hryvnias. A good deal, isn’t it?

On the eve of the Paris meeting in mass media there was information that trump plans to allocate a quarter billion dollars on military assistance to Ukraine in the sphere of security and defence, including the acquisition of the Javelin anti-tank missiles. Presumably, aware of the unprecedented theft system in the Ukrainian army and the country as a whole, the American legislators aware where the blood of American taxpayers?

Reform of the army will finish the army?

Amid all these corruption scandals and awareness of elite of Ukraine incapacity of his army in it started the reform. That of warrant officers and warrant officers now make strange “elders” in the Anglo-Saxon manner, much has been said and bewildered. But, according to one of the Ukrainian bloggers, “the Most unpleasant thing that can happen in the army, is reform. Thus, according to the Department of personnel policy of the MO, until the end of the year should be decided at the 1200 officers of bodies of military administration. This includes the whole top of the MOD of Ukraine and General staff (General staff) of the APU. The highlight of that 677 of them to stay in the service, has agreed to be appointed to subordinate positions”.

The shortage of personnel in the Ukrainian armed forces is systemic. Officers are simply not enough, and the soldiers and contract soldiers fleeing from the front and from the rear. “Many warriors are ashamed to get the certificate of participant of hostilities (combatants), because I see how it relates to the state” — said recently at the “round table” Lieutenant, a veteran of the 72nd Ombr Vasily Tarasyuk. Yes, a military status in the Ukrainian society and the state fell through the floor. As said Ostap Bender, “a little while and I will begin to beat.” Yes, sometimes beaten, when warriors try to swing right in front of the civilian, tired of the war, which plunged the country Ukrainian nationalists.

In addition to the Nazis, no one wants to fight

Each wave of conscription in Ukraine turns into a massive failure to serve. Social networking goes a fresh case from Kherson oblast, where employees of the military tried to take the recruit with you. They came to the “New mail”, where the recruit and pulled him to his car. The guy resisted and called for help. Accompanying military police demanded to stop illegal actions caused it is investigative-task force. In “bounty hunters” brought the case.

Well, as potential soldiers to relate to military service, if the majority of them rejects the principles of nationalism and chauvinism, which was replaced in the Ukrainian army and the authorities a common patriotism. In addition, they know than can be completed service in the army. After all I read, for example, the message of social networks: “to Lviv from Kharkov aircraft delivered to the group of wounded and sick members of OOS. Of them — six wounded soldiers, the others — with injuries and illnesses obtained during execution of tasks in the units of the joint forces. Watch the hands: first of all victims in the cabs driven in military clinical centers of the Dnieper, then Kharkov, then in Kiev. If you now fill in the Lviv hospital, so in those places anymore.”

Personnel hunger, desertion, unwillingness to serve in the APU is used today only the nationalists and unscrupulous adventurers like Ukrainian interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who said yesterday that Ukrainian police will go to the occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, when they leave the illegal armed groups, and are ready to patrol with “representatives of territorial communities”. Avakov and others like him statesmen of Ukraine scare the layman “Russian military threat”, hinting that, besides them, no one will cope with the unrest in the country that does not want and can not fight.

Oleg Izmaylov

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