Arakhamia will go to NABOO to testify about the bribes in the Parliament

Арахамия пойдет в НАБУ свидетельствовать о взятках в Раде

The head of the “SN” is the agenda of the Bureau

The leader of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya will testify about the bribery of deputies in NABOO.

“By the way, I already go to NABOO. I criticized yesterday: “Arakhamia told about it on air, and didn’t go anywhere”. I have a subpoena, I’m going with the lawyer to NABOO to testify. That is, the process goes,” he said.

Earlier Arakhamia said, what about the attempted bribery he was told two MP. Witness such a proposal he was planning to lead to television. However, the plans changed. Law enforcement authorities forbade the witness to appear on television.

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