Ardennes: a doctor killed, his son in psychiatric distress indicted

    Ardennes: a doctor killed, his son in psychiatric distress indicted

    Family drama in the Ardennes two days before Christmas Eve. A doctor born in 1955 was killed Tuesday evening at his son’s home in Raucourt. The 31-year-old man was indicted on Thursday and remanded in custody for the murder of his father who, according to the prosecution, came to get him to spend the holidays together. The suspect was described as “psychotic” by an expert.

    “The investigation must in particular focus on understanding the modalities of taking action, the motive, and better understand the personality of the accused, and his psychiatric state at the time of the facts”, underlined in a press release. Attorney of the Republic of Reims, Matthieu Bourrette.

    Circumstances still troubled

    Around 11 p.m. Tuesday evening, the man called the gendarmes at his home, telling them that his father had been shot dead. The soldiers then discovered the victim and her son “in the immediate vicinity, in a pool of blood” and “in a state of intoxication”.

    Medical findings identified several major stab wounds to the face, throat, and armpit, but no evidence of gunshot wounds.

    In custody, the son explained “that his father who lived in the North had come to his house the same day and that they had to leave together the next day to spend the family holidays in the North”, according to the floor.

    Alcohol, depression, epilepsy …

    During the evening, which they spent alone together, they both drank heavily, and it is “possible that he had an argument”, according to the reported account of the suspect, who nevertheless claimed that he “did not had absolutely no recollection of what had happened ”.

    Recently convicted of drunk driving, he described “his strong dependence on alcohol, disorders he had had for several years (depression, suicidal thoughts, epilepsy, bipolarity, memory problems)”, points confirmed by psychiatric expertise, and “drug treatment based on antidepressant, sleeping pill and a drug to regulate mood swings,” added the magistrate.

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