“Are conditional”: the United States imposed sanctions against Turkey due to the military operation in Northern Syria

The US President Donald trump has imposed sanctions against the Russian energy Ministry and the Ministry of defense of Turkey. Also under the restrictive measures have fallen heads of departments and the Minister of internal Affairs of the country. The decision of the head of the White house adopted in connection with the military operation “Source of peace”, in which Ankara is fighting against the illegal Kurdish groups in Northern Syria. According to experts, the restrictions are quite symbolic and will have no real impact on the Turkish economy. However, such a step will only exacerbate the contradictions between Ankara and Washington, analysts believe.

«Носят условный характер»: США ввели санкции против Турции из-за военной операции на севере Сирии

© Aref TAMMAWI / AFPСША imposed sanctions against Turkey due to the military operation, “the Source of peace” in Syria. The corresponding decree was issued by American President Donald trump.

“I, Donald J. trump, the President of the United States of America, believe that the situation in and regarding Syria (in particular, the recent actions of the Turkish government to conduct military offensive in the North-East of Syria) are to the detriment of the campaign to defeat the “Islamic state of Iraq and Syria”, or ISIS, threat to the civilian population and threaten to further undermine peace, security and stability in the region, and therefore pose an unusual and extraordinary threat from the point of view of national security and foreign policy of the USA”, — stated in the message.

Sanctions were imposed against the Ministry of energy and Ministry of defense of Turkey, and also against the heads of these departments Fatih Donmez and Hulusi ACAR. Personal penalties shall also apply to the head of the Turkish Ministry of interior Suleyman Soylu.

Thus, all property and funds of the two departments and three Ministers in the United States are frozen and American citizens and companies are prohibited to engage them in the transaction. The sanctions list can grow — the relevant decision is made by the head of the Ministry of Finance of the United States in consultation with the Secretary of state.

According to the Vice-President of the USA Mike Pence, trump and President Recep Tayyip erdoğan spoke on the phone.

“President trump clearly gave him to understand that the US wants Turkey to stop the invasion, immediately cease fire and began negotiations with the Kurdish units in Syria to end the violence,” said Pence.

«Носят условный характер»: США ввели санкции против Турции из-за военной операции на севере Сирии

© Jonathan Ernst/ReutersДля relations between the US and Turkey are characterized by a long non-public negotiations, said political analyst Alexander Asaph.

“Apparently, political negotiations, bargaining came to nothing lead, and trump decided that he is now more profitable to declare victory over the Caliphate, the withdrawal of American soldiers from Syria and to impose sanctions against Turkey, even harder, increasing the rupture of relations”, — the expert said in an interview with RT.

While the current sanctions are quite arbitrary, said the expert of the International Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Bruter.

“Trump was not going to impose sanctions, did not want to impose sanctions, and those sanctions which it has imposed are rather conditional — Turkey from them nothing to lose. In fact, under pressure from Democrats, he was forced to impose sanctions, needed any answer, — he told RT. Is such a reaction, which can be called imitation.”Bruter also convinced that the introduction of anti-sanctions will not affect the course of military operations.

Operation “Source of peace”

We will remind, Turkey launched a military operation “the Source of peace” in northeast Syria on October 9. In Ankara stated that they intend to fight against the PKK (YPG) and people’s protection Units, which Turkey considers a terrorist organization.

The legal basis for this operation, Erdogan called Adana agreement between Turkey and Syria in 1998. According to him, if Arab Republic has taken insufficient action to fight illegal Kurdish groups, Ankara can send its troops and to fight with the YPG.

Before the operation, Turkey had notified its beginning in the country of the UN security Council and the Syrian government. Also Erdogan held a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who called the Turkish leader to carefully consider the situation. In the course of the conversation, both presidents agreed on the need to respect the territorial integrity of Syria and its sovereignty.

Also, the US withdrew its troops from the region. According to Erdogan, this gesture meant support for Turkey’s actions in Syria.

After several days of fighting, Turkey has advanced deep into Syria and took control of several cities and infrastructure. 13 October it became known that the Kurds and Damascus signed an agreement under which the Syrian government army will enter the region. According to media reports, under the agreement, troops will assist in the fight against the Turks and to regain control over the cities and the border with Turkey.

According to the latest report of the Ministry of defense of Turkey in the operation was destroyed 595 “terrorists”.

“No clashes should not be”

In Russia expect that between Syria and Turkey beyond. This was stated by the Russian President’s special envoy on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.”We certainly hope that no clashes should not be that they are contacts in order to develop approaches in accordance with the norms and principles of international law and taking account of the legitimate interests of the parties,” he said.

Trump in his Twitter supported the decision of the government of Syria to provide military support for the Kurds against which leads the military operation Turkey. According to him, the US should not fight in this country.

“Achieving the absolute defeat of the Caliphate of ISIS, I brought most of the troops from Syria. Let protect the Kurds and Syria (President Bashar. — RT) Assad, let themselves battling with Turkey for their territory. I asked his generals a question: “Why should we fight for Syria and Assad, protecting the enemy’s territory?” None of those who wish to help Syria to protect the Kurds, will not cause me any objections, be it Russia, China, Yes, even Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope all goes well, we removed at 7,000 miles”, — he wrote in Twitter.

Note that in an interview with RT Arabic TV channels, Al Arabiya and Sky News Arabia Vladimir Putin stressed that the Syrian territory should be exempt from foreign military presence, and Russia would withdraw its forces as soon as the government of the Arab Republic will turn to Moscow.

“Everyone who is in the territory of any state, in this case the Syrian Arab Republic, illegitimate, must leave the territory. This applies to all States, he said. — The territory of Syria should be liberated from foreign troops, and the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic should be fully restored.”According to the foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, the “Source of peace” will end only when will be “displaced terrorists.”

“Nobody can accuse us of trying to change the demographic situation in the region. The Kurds in Syria are subject of torment by the YPG/PKK. In the end, it will be ensured the territorial integrity of Syria. We will continue to push the terrorists,” he said.

«Носят условный характер»: США ввели санкции против Турции из-за военной операции на севере Сирии

© ANA/Handout via REUTERS S

“A serious humanitarian threat”

Monday, October 14, against the military operation, “the Source of peace” made by the foreign Ministers of the European Union.”The Council again urges Turkey to stop unilateral military action in the North-East of Syria and withdraw its troops”, — said in a statement.

According to the position of the EU countries, this operation undermines the progress achieved so far by the global coalition to combat ISIS.

To withdraw its troops, Turkey urged and Iran. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic noted that “the Source of peace” threatens the humanitarian situation in Syria and creates risks for civilians.

“Given the serious humanitarian threats and risks to civilians in the region, the Iranian foreign Ministry insists on immediate cessation of attacks and the withdrawal of the Turkish Armed forces from the territory of Syria,” — said in a statement the foreign Ministry of Iran.

While waiting for sanctions against Turkey from the EU is not worth it, says Bruter.

“Erdogan has said that as soon as the Europeans impose sanctions, Ankara immediately open the border (for Syrian refugees. — RT). The fact that Turkey makes Europe much more than Europe for Turkey”, — concluded the analyst.