Are the creators of history of our days: who are the winners of the state prize

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


In Day of Russia, President Vladimir Putin presented national awards. In the hands of a guard of honor signs the winners. Today, there are exactly eleven eleven prominent Russians. Each in turn greeted those present in St. George hall of the Kremlin, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Margarita Kirilova.

“Motherland is inseparable from us, the citizens, of our responsibility for the present and the future, our aspiration to contribute to its development and prosperity. To solve such large-scale challenges that the country faces today can only be together when everyone is aware of the importance of their personal efforts for the common good and makes everything possible for him,” – said Putin.

The country learned their new heroes in Day of Russia. This tradition for 17 years. The first distinction was awarded to the scientists-physics – Efim Khazanov, Vladislav Pustovoit and Valery Mitrofanov. Because of their work for the first time managed to capture gravitational waves. Before that science was only conjecture. Now accurate data on the effects of merging black holes. And it means, the clue to the origin of the Universe was closer.

“From the point of view of fundamental science, she remains the most mysterious substance. We know so much about nature, but don’t know what is dark matter is dark energy. We think that our young colleagues will learn that we, unfortunately, may be we don’t know yet,” says MSU Professor, doctor of physics and mathematics Valery Mitrofanov.

Among surgeons was also difficult to allocate someone one. They are also three in the room. All three of them – Vladimir. Kharchenko, Of The Flutter, Parshin. They practice in different places, but I struggle with the same disease – disease of the trachea. Dr. Parshin, for example, performed the first transplantation of trachea with preservation of its blood supply.

“We have a patient who we are together with the thyroid gland was transplanted a trachea from a donor with brain death, he now lives for over 13 years”, – said head of the surgical thoracic Department of the University clinical hospital №1, First Moscow state medical University Vladimir Parshin.

Panel from Ekaterinburg – the same patient. 13 years ago I broke my leg, had complications, went into a coma. It hooked up to the ventilator. When he came to himself, could not breathe trachea collapsed. Local doctors could not help.

“When dozens of doctors said that I was not the tenant, one of those who were discharged from Internet, have been Parshin. He said, well, if they manage to bring alive, I’ll try to help,” says panel Hafiz.

The musicians treat the human soul. Pianist Nikolai Lugansky. On fees from concerts supports the Rachmaninov estate in Tambov region. His senior colleague in the shop, people’s artist Rodion Shchedrin, a great Russian composer. While still a student he wrote a song to the famous Soviet film “Height”. His music is played by leading orchestras in the world. 50 years that he was inspired by his wife, ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.

“These last months were very important in my human and artistic destiny. I after much thought, wrote an essay in memory of Maya Plisetskaya, my great wife with whom I lived most, perhaps, a happy 57 years of life,” says the composer.

The best-selling and widely-read author of our time – Pavel Basinsky. His books-biographies about the great men of the past called bestsellers. He, like 10 other winners of the state prize, make history the present day, characters who they are.