Are we dealing with a “horror farm” in Wambrechies? Not for administration

    Are we dealing with a “horror farm” in Wambrechies? Not for administration

    A calf from the herd, suspected of abuse, on a farm in Wambrechies, in the North. – M.P.

    • Several animal protection associations are calling for a demonstration on Saturday in front of the Lille prefecture against a farm described as “horror”.
    • The owners have already been sentenced in 2019 by the Lille court for poor breeding conditions.
    • The Brigitte Bardot Foundation offers to collect around thirty cattle from this farm.

    Update, January 8, 11 p.m .: After a visit to the farm of an “independent expert veterinarian” mandated by the prefecture, this Friday, the report concludes that the 36 cattle “are neither mistreated nor in danger imminent ”.

    The general state of maintenance of the cattle is satisfactory. The hay supply is sufficient, the pasture in good condition, according to the report made public on the site of the State services. “Under these conditions, the implementation of an administrative withdrawal procedure, in application of article L. 214-23 of the rural and maritime fishing code, would not be justified and contrary to the law”, considers the prefecture.

    At the same time, it specifies that a procedure for bringing unidentified cattle into conformity has been initiated by the breeder.

    Goodbye calf, cow… A farm in Wambrechies, in the North, is targeted by a demonstration to be held on Saturday in front of the prefecture of Lille. In question, the breeding of about thirty cattle considered “abusive” by several associations for the defense of animals. In 2018, a video had already toured the web, leading to a trial.

    This time, an online petition was launched in December (which has gathered more than 90,000 signatories) to request the seizure and placement of animals within the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. “The Foundation is ready to collect all the animals and welcome them to one of its sanctuaries. A meadow awaits them, ”explains a spokesperson for L214, one of the associations behind the mobilization. Except that the administration must give its approval.

    Animals in poor health

    It all started with an investigation by a volunteer from the Marcq-en-Barœul Cat School. “I took care of a colony of cats in front of this farm,” says Marion Pécher, author of the petition. I realized that inside, the living conditions of the cattle were deplorable. Initially, I worked with the owners to help them, but I realized that this situation had lasted for twenty years. ”

    Water tanks used to feed cattle. – MP

    Contacted, the town hall of Wambrechies confirms and insists on “the difficult social context” for these two brothers, who live without electricity and one of whom touches the RSA, according to our information. “Of course, the animals are in poor condition, but the competent authorities, namely the prefecture and the departmental direction for the protection of the population (DDPP), believe that there are no imminent dangers requiring an immediate withdrawal of the herd. », We assure the town hall.

    This is not the opinion of Marion Pécher who does not hesitate to speak of “abuse” and “farm of horror”. “What is despairing is that the owners have already been fined 60,000 euros for inappropriate means of detention and that the veterinary services of the DDPP continue to help them identify their animals. One day, they may end up on your plate, ”she protests.

    Sentencing by court

    In November 2019, the two brothers had, in fact, been fined six fines for poor breeding conditions “which could be a cause of suffering” by the Lille court. “We are sensitive to the economic conditions in which these owners find themselves, which is why we believe that they do not have the means to provide for the basic needs of the cows. They have neither hay in winter, nor shelter and are not looked after “, insists L214 who is astonished at” the inaction of the public authorities “.

    “It is enough that the competent services accept the seizure and the placement of these animals to close this file and offer a happy outcome to these cows”, assures the association. According to the town hall of Wambrechies, the prefecture has to make a decision these days. The L214 association and the Cat School, for their part, have decided to file a complaint for “the offense of abandoning animals”.

    A fault ?



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