Are we gonna play or not?

Va-t-on jouer ou pas?

Hockey heat wave, I still believe in it, but my optimism is dwindling every day. With everything that is happening now with the déconfinement, the situation is deteriorating… in the United States.

You are aware that several players of the Philadelphia Phillies were declared positive at the COVID-19. The teams in major league baseball leave Florida at any rate, the virus spreads every day.

In the world of Gary Bettman, the phase 2 does not work as we would have wished. Eleven players have been declared positive. The Lightning put an end to his conditioning program. Several players have decided to remain in their homes. Are we gonna play or not ? There are still several obscure points.

It is therefore not surprising that many players would like to participate in the election in respect of the protocol of return to work. First of all, they are the representatives from the players Association of each of the 31 teams who will be voting on behalf of their teammates.


However, the situation changes every day. There are too many ambiguities, so many members want to be heard and wish to participate in the election. They do not form the majority, but they have many questions to be very legitimate.

  • What happens if one or more players are declared to be positive as the series continues ?
  • The cities are not a problem, but we want to know the conditions that will apply.
  • Where are the discussions with respect to the salary cap, and especially about the clause in the trust ? What will be the percentage that will be applied to compensate for the shortfall ? We are going to allocate this percentage over a few years ?
  • And there is a question that remains unanswered : has there discussed the subject in the high spheres of the league ?

What will be the share of the cake for the players ? It is known that the skaters will always touch their full salary prior to the start of the tournament in spring. This year, they have had a amount of$ 125 Million to cover the last portion of their contract.

So far, so good.

But, usually, the players share a certain amount of money, relatively to the performances of their teams during the series. However, there will be nobody in the stands. Therefore, no income. There is a tv, but it is the league that is reaping the benefits.


Kevin Bieksa, the ex-defender of the Canucks and Ducks, raised an interesting point last week :

“Do you believe that the players will embark in such an adventure just for the fun of playing ? I know several players who have not even touched their equipment bag. And, with the recent events, where the COVID-19 havoc, I’m not sure that there will be hockey this summer. “

For the moment, the players and owners meet the timelines, but the COVID-19 could thwart their plans. To be decided there this week, without doubt the most important week in the return to work process ? One speaks of the first matches on the 23rd or the 24th of July. Also, two cities in Canada are an interesting possibility, especially as we would a canadian dollar 0.72 or 0,73 cents in american currency.

In addition, the winners of the Stanley cup
affect a significant amount ?

How much money will deposit there in the kitty of the playoffs ?

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