Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier will release an album as a duo

Ariane Moffatt et Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier dévoileront un album en duo

The artists Ariane Moffatt, and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier, will reveal on Friday the first album of their duet SOMMM, a new project of dancing to the sounds of pop conventions to attempt to clarify somewhat this period confined.

“Me, I call it a collective shape variable. That is to say, that at the base, it was I who reached out to Stephen, a friend since my tour “22: 22”. I knew that since a few years, he had refined his desire to develop his talents as a producer, filmmaker, beatmaker and I, after Little hands, precious, I’ve been wanting to throw me in the creation of a pop more current. I said to myself why not do a session with Stephen”, said first Ariane Moffatt, on the phone.

“It is a part of a day as it that has been super successful who want to continue the exercise,” she says. It has snowballed, from a day to a project of collective, a project of EP to finally, since January, an album.”

If the duo turns out to be at the heart of the artistic process that will culminate this Friday in a first installment of eight songs which are upbeat, the arrangements are convincing and colourful, several collaborators have contributed. This is notably the case of FouKi, LaF, Rosie Valland, Marie-Pierre Arthur and a few others which, in turn, make appearances on a song on the album.

“At its core, this was an exercise studio, production, creative, collective, and so we thought it would be fun that each song has an artist, as a constraint in a game,” continues the singer.

Music and coronavirus

Despite their haste to reveal details of their project, the question to postpone the launch of the album, however, asked the two artists, while the art world is going through a period disrupted by the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“It was a reflection that was done throughout the last period of the mix,” explains Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier, from his artist name D R M S. It had all the elements to finish the album because we had the chance to have already done all the vocals, all the world had given his equipment, there was a way to do it. We were given the goal to complete the album despite the pandemic, but it has left a game in the end of the production to think about it.”

It is ultimately their willingness to accompany in music this difficult period is to weigh the balance.

“We get to a point where everybody had worked together, the album was scheduled for release in April, and we said, “well, it is spring, this album will do well, it is pop, it is light, it needs sunlight,” continues Ariane Moffatt.

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