Arles: An inmate in a state of brain death after a suicide attempt

The inside of a prison (photo illustration) — C. Allain / 20 Minutes

An inmate of the central House of Arles has attempted suicide in his cell Thursday, we learn from the prison administration, confirming information of The Provence. This Thursday evening, he is in a state of brain death. According to our information, he is suffocated with a plastic bag. This is an inmate who was serving a sentence very long : twenty-five years.

Six times more suicides in prison

“It must be remembered that it is suicide, six times more in prison than outside “, reminds 20 Minutes, Amid Khallouf, coordinator of the
OIP (Observatoire international des prisons) in the Big East. In 2015, 63 inmates have died of natural death, 121 due to suicide, according to figures from the OIP.

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“The prison administration shall confine its policy of suicide prevention, to prevent the passage to the act, and not to look for the root causes “, takes over Amid Khallouf. At the beginning of September, an inmate of the prison of Baumettes reflected in our columns. He said that he has attempted suicide three times in less than a month : “prison punishes more, it kills ! “

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