Arm to pray

S'armer pour prier

If many Americans wish to protect their right to own and use a firearm, others would like to ensure that we legislate to better regulate the access to weapons. However, the latter provide, in spite of their convictions because they fear for their safety.

A shooting in a church in Texas in 2017 (Sutherland Springs, 26 victims) has raised concerns within the small communities. Believers generally feel safe in the places of worship, but this would be less the case. Rather than wait in vain for any laws and to better regulate access to guns, the communities prefer to make use of security firms.

In an article in the Washington Post this morning, it tells the true carnage that took place in the small town of Texas. The narrative gives cold in the back and almost gives the impression that the whole thing takes place in a different time. Well before the intervention of the police, they are citizens armed who are going to pursue the killer and force him to stop. Wounded severely in its turn, by these armed civilians, he chose to take his own life.

This event is, alas, not isolated, and the FBI noted a 35% increase in hate crimes directed against believers and their churches. In response to this phenomenon, there has been legislative changes, but not necessarily those which we would have to wait. These changes tend to facilitate an increase in the sales of weapons, easier access. To protect themselves, not other solutions…

Therefore, it is now possible to attend a religious ceremony in some us States and find a strong presence of security services. In addition, the faithful may also carry a weapon inside the church. Experts consider that the places of worship became targets too accessible for the killers and that there was not a lot of other solutions.

We have all read or seen news reports about the special relationship between the Americans with their weapons. However, this is the first time that I see a reaction so bright from the believers, a movement that is not isolated. Once more, the solution does not lie in a decrease in the number of weapons or the awareness, but also in an increased presence of weapons. It is the oldest argument of the NRA that I remember: “To curb a bad person with a weapon, there is nothing more effective than a good person with a weapon.”

I have many stayed in the United States and I have already written on this blog that if I lived in the cities and villages of some States, I procurerais a weapon. If I understand the need for security, I do not however consider that this situation is normal. What country or company relies on this logic to hand the american society?

You had already associated with the religious practice of firearms? Not me. Raised in a family of hunters, I do not fear the presence of firearms. I do sense, however, not the need to get one. The number of deaths attributed to the weapon is maintained each year at a rate that is staggering, in no way comparable to those of other western countries. As we find more and more weapons and people who are in the churches is not a good news or a sign that things are improving.

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