Armenia attracts tourists with Sevan, delicious fish and prehistoric caves

PHOTO : MIR / cheglyaeva Maria


Armenia remains a popular destination. In this Transcaucasian country, you can enjoy nature and ancient beauties, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Nona Hovhannisyan.

Sevan – at this time of year the most visited place in Armenia. The beaches are full. Beach chair and umbrella free. To spend money in entertainment, for example, rent a jet ski or catamaran.

“We came into the lake about two hours ago and immediately got into the water, because there very warm and we very much like,” – says a tourist from Russia Patricia yepremyan.

Relax on the lake may be those who originally arrived to meet with the Armenian capital. From Yerevan to the lake, just 70 kilometers.

Fishing enthusiasts waiting in Ashtarak gorge. Specially for the tourist season in these basins increased the number of fish. It is possible to feed, to catch and immediately to prepare – for this there is a barbecue.
“We’ve created pools for growing fish that first take water from the river, and then return it in the same amount that was taken. It occasionally produced in the river fry,” – said the Director of the recreation area Mary Kalantaryan.

In Ashtarak gorge go not only for the delicious fish. Here in the mountains, laid dozens of routes. From easy trails for beginners to extracolonic lifts, designed for rope climbing pros.
Mountain trails there are in Syunik region. The peak of khustup is one of the most beautiful in the country. To conquer her every year thousands of tourists come from Russia, Europe and America.
“Season of the conquest of Khustup starts from mid April and lasts until October. The altitude of 3210 meters,” said co-founder of travel company Davit Hakobyan.
Those who are interested in history, you must visit a cave-fortress complex of “zarni-Boys”. The medieval fortress many years, was abandoned, recently it was completely restored. Today it is one of the most popular searches on the tourist sites of Armenia.