Armenia pulled Ukraine: We give advice to our citizens in the Crimea

Армения одёрнула Украину: Мы сами дадим совет нашим гражданам по Крыму

The press Secretary of the Armenian foreign Ministry Anna Naghdalyan. Illustration:
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Armenia today, November 13, commented on the statement of the Embassy of Ukraine in Yerevan, addressed to the citizens of the Transcaucasian republics and contain the requirement to comply with “the order of visits to the territory of Crimea”.

“Armenia is committed to international obligations and never interfere with the free movement of its citizens, which is a basic human right. If necessary, the Armenian foreign Ministry advises its citizens that are associated with security issues abroad,” reads the statement by the press Secretary of Armenian foreign Minister Anna Naghdalyan.On the eve of the Embassy of Ukraine appealed to the citizens of Armenia with the statement about the need to preserve the order of visiting the Crimea. The Ukrainian Embassy in Yerevan, in particular, pointed out that some media outlets have published reports about “another illegal visit,” a group of citizens of Armenia the territory of Crimea. In this regard, the Embassy considers it appropriate to warn you that for violation of order of entry in the “occupied territories” includes “not only administrative, but also criminal liability, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine”.The special concern of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission was the fact that the members of the mentioned group, “illegally visited the Crimea”, discussed during the visit to the Peninsula the question of the “establishment of a humanitarian, the economic, commercial and tourist relations between Armenia and Crimea.” This kind of discussion of Ukrainian diplomats in the Armenian capital called “a violation of one of the articles of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between Ukraine and Armenia on may 14, 1996”.

We will remind, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry in late September issued a statement in which he urged his citizens not to visit Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. “The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine urges citizens of Ukraine when deciding to visit the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia and adjacent areas be guided by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and Georgia. Violation of this law entails administrative and criminal liability”, — said in comments press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Ekaterina Zelenko. It was also noted that Ukraine has consistently “supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and Georgia within their internationally recognized borders”.

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