Armenia will host days of culture of Belarus




Armenia will host days of culture of Belarus. Art exhibitions, concerts of folk music and the familiarity with the cuisine of another country. All this was seen by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Liana Azoyan.

For five years the Belarusian draniki Olesya Kuleshova is preparing for its second homeland in Armenia. The food her Armenian relatives gets used.

What what to eat, what to draw, what in Belarus, write poems and songs – it can be found at thematic exhibitions.

“The aim of any days of culture to mutually enrich our intellectual capacity to pass on from generation to generation what we have to share with the good friends”, – said Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Armenia Igor Nazaruk.

This time in Yerevan 260 lithographs with drawings by Napoleon Orda, made by engraver Alozie Myservice. They are presented in Armenia for the first time.

“I think that it is only through these cultural interactions we improve, we are made better, and the historical legacy we have one,” said Deputy culture Minister of Belarus Sergey Sheremetev.

Decorative arts this is what the true gem of the Belarusians. As it turned out, the ornaments and colours of the masters of the two countries are very much similar.

“The same line, the same ornaments and solar ornaments, symbols of the sun, of eternity. Interpretation, however, are different. If it is philosophical sense, here it is more life-affirming,” – said the Deputy Director of the Center of national creativity to them. Sharambeyan Eugene O. Kalantaryan.

Enjoy Belarusian culture in Armenia will be two days. The program will conclude with a screening of the film Studio “Belarusfilm” “War. People should stay” on values that are eternal and in Armenia and Belarus.

Add in Yerevan lives of the Belarusian community, the newspaper “Belarusians”, a very popular network of shops of Belarusian products.