Armenian cuisine with a foreign accent: Dilijan surprises tourists from all over the world

PHOTO : / cheglyaeva Maria


This year in Dilijan comes a record number of guests. One of the new offers of local guides to try yourself in the role of chef. About the ancient recipes and traditions will be told by the correspondent of “MIR 24” Liana Azoyan.

A professional camera does not fall for a second: Mexican Diego Flores takes hundreds of pictures. He wants to keep in memory the types of Dilijan as much as possible.

“This is amazing! These mountains are all in the green! This air! These good-natured people! I’m impressed! Dilijan is a storehouse of positive emotions”, – said the tourist.

Delights tourists not only for nature, but also national cuisine. In Dilijan you can taste dishes and learn to cook them. Alain was born in France and was sure of tasty food to know everything. But only the homeland of their ancestors heard the story Ghats – the national dessert.

“I learned that the first mention of the gate dates back to the XIII century. Served her for centuries, and it was customary to do so at Candlemas. It would put a coin that promised the finder a great success. Lucky and I today,” said a traveler from France.

Some chefs have chosen to adapt traditional dishes for foreign guests. National recipes they add more accustomed to foreigners ingredients. For example, the Armenian ghapama here with the Moroccan accent with lamb, honey and prunes. And Italian pizza with ghee, fermented milk product.

“They love the atmosphere we have, the food is very attractive for its unusual, sometimes even abused, that we feed them a lot,” said the chef of the restaurant Varda Avetisyan.

Those who already had some food, can prepare cocktails. These do not taste anywhere else.

“It’s the syrup with thyme. Please take a bottle and put that much syrup,” says Manager Anahit Alumane.

Homemade fruit syrup, herbs, lemon and a little sea buckthorn vodka. It turns out “lemonade for adults.”

“I knew that Armenia is very rich in herbs. Today we learned how to properly mix with other ingredients to get the magic,” said a tourist from Tver Tatiana Ryzhikov.

The tourist season in the region of Tavush has just begun, and tour operators are already developing new alexmarine programs to the guests is left of the journey are the most vivid memories.