Arms race between brewers and retailers

Bras de fer entre brasseurs et détaillants

The tone goes up between the brewers and the retailers. Despite the many initiatives to retrieve the beer bottles, the needs of the large brewers to support their production are still far from being met”.

The Brewers Association of Quebec hoped to recover about 1 million of brown glass bottles per day with the signing of the agreement aimed at regulating the resumption of collection activities across the province. Since the 11th of may, about 2.2 million bottles that have been picked up.

“Until now, each event you have not collected the volume of bottles that I need to produce,” says the Newspaper, the director-general of the association, Patrice Léger Bourgoin.

Economic Impacts

“From the 1st of June, we will open the studios of tattoo and piercing […], but bringing back a case of 24 at a retailer is still a problem. There is a dichotomy a little special,” he continued.

This last is said to understand some of the measures for the Montréal metropolitan Community. However, he believes that the collection could resume normally in some regions that are less affected by the virus.

The judgment of the deposit-return system has resulted in “significant economic impacts” for Labatt, Molson and Sleeman.

Recall that several big chores have recently been organised by retailers in parking lots of supermarkets. Some convenience stores have also set up facilities outside of their trade to retrieve the bottles and cans.

Already More than 5 million

According to the canadian Council of retail – Québec (RCC), more than 5 million containers have so far been recovered.

“We run our obligations under the agreement. We must not lose sight of the fact that on average, our retailers are reaping approximately 3.2 million bottles per week in normal times. Here, we talk about 7-million per week,” responds the director of government relations of the RCC, Jean-Francois Belleau.

“The brewers are trying to make us retrieve the bottles they sold in the bars and restaurants. We can’t deliver more than what we sell,” he continued.

The spokesperson indicated that his organization is continuing its efforts to meet the brewing industry. The number of collection sites is expected to climb over the next few days.

“We do what it takes for this to work, but it also requires that the consumer has the taste to bring back their beverage containers,” says Belleau.

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