Army helicopter will fly over the citadel of Quebec city on Friday

Des hélicoptères de l'armée vont survoler la citadelle de Québec vendredi

Helicopters of the canadian armed Forces survoleront the Citadel at low altitude on Friday, April 24.

The citizens of Quebec could notice their presence between 13 h and 17 h.

Departing from the Base at Valcartier, three CH‐146 Griffon helicopters survoleront the region of Quebec up to the Citadel.

On site, crews survoleront the walls by practicing piloting techniques such as the hover, the landing, the insertion and extraction of personnel.

These aerial maneuvers are not related to the request for assistance made by the government of Quebec to fight against the COVID‐19.

These flights could be cancelled without notice due to adverse weather conditions.

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