Army, MOV, Tesla. What Zelensky said in a new video blog driving

Армия, мова, Тесла. О чем говорил Зеленский в новом видеоблоге за рулем

Vladimir Zelensky decided to continue the format of “monologues in the Tesla”. Today released the second video in this series.

First he released this video back in July – a few days before the parliamentary elections, which explained to voters why they should vote for “a Servant of the people.” The script is usually like this: see taxis with electric cars and says what he thinks about what is happening in the country. It looks like a monologue – the questions themselves are not heard, but the President answers them.

We present a full transcript of the new “Tesla show” Zelensky and the conclusions drawn from it.

That said to see from the cockpit of the Tesla. Transcript

“It’s called Uber-President. Right in front of us – the Verkhovna Rada. There are pros and cons,” Zee began.

“Victory of this Parliament – more than 70 of the adopted draft laws, returning laws on illicit enrichment and the lifting of parliamentary immunity, judicial reform, reform of the Prosecutor’s office. The phrase “turbo mode” I was told all European partners.

Minus that other parties do not want to vote, everyone considers himself a member of the opposition against the government. But the title – a servant of the people – is absolutely the main point is the party of the people.

Yes, there are some bugs and some immoral acts. Not all MPs want to vote.

We have a clear understanding. If 70% of the faction before the vote supports the bill, then we all vote. So we, and I also very closely follow statistics.

There are some infamous texts, some shameful rumors, but is it just a rumor. There are disadvantages in statistics deputies. But we will draw conclusions until the end of the year. Yes, not all laws are popular – not coincidentally did not vote for them for 30 years, but it is necessary for them to vote.

I understand our head of the faction. And David difficult. Such a large faction never had. There is a [faction] normal ordinary people – c enterprises, farmers. Yes, pardon the expression, they had a long drive.

So while in the Parliament we have a democracy. But for now.

Criticize all – and our government, and the government, and me. All of this occurs on Facebook, and on Internet sites. This young government has never been, and this is a big plus, because there is no corruption experience. Yes, it’s a risk, but this is a big plus. If they fail – also wait until the end of the year and goodbyes.

Said the President did not live to see October, this government will be two months maximum. We were told that the dollar will be one hundred. We were told that all international partners will turn away that will not be investors. But none of that happened. Said that there will be war and escalation… Nothing from the words of these political mediums did not happen. We want to build another country. Okay, we want to build a new country. And we don’t need them. They run television channels, the media.. What can they do? They catch the hype, it’s their choice.

Former politicians in this system is not a scheme – can’t find a place. And they will find it, still alive, say, in the normal sense of the word. They can only go abroad. But not everyone can go.

Little landings? And agree or not. See, the thing is Svinarchuk, Pashinsky is, Mikitas is, Dubnevich is (I see him even in the Parliament, not all want to vote, because they are afraid that they will be the same attitude, and rightly fear). And then the sentences will be those people. And if not, will be opened to other business.

There are many cases in which we have to prepare well, otherwise they will fall apart in the courts. It’s gonna be. The case of Katie Gandzyuk, Pasha Sheremet, all of these things in the defence field – all will be.

At first we were not Happy. We are there in the Parliament submitted the draft law on illicit enrichment. And now we voted for this law. But there are a lot of financial-industrial groups, other parties lobbied to not vote for him. So soon will not only fit, but also return money to the budget. The country’s budget is the most important thing, because there is no money.

I don’t know if that’s the Ukrainian word – a revival, but soon will be a revival of business. For example, on the Maidan. The Prosecutor Chumak has created an investigative group. The case was heard five or six years, but the society does not see results.

Previously, it was information war in the Russian media. It’s now a media war in our country. Despite the fact that we were going with the media a few times, I think some of them do not understand what you are doing. Because there is no surrender. We can’t solve the issue, to stop the war by not talking to people. At least in the channel process.

We walked a long way to restore the channel format. There were no meetings 3.5 years. Let’s calculate how much of this time people died. And so the Normandy format intended to update the dialogue that we can bring to stop the wars and return of the territory and, most importantly, the return of our prisoners.

The terms of nomadski meetings – breeding troops in Stanitsa Luganskaya, Gold (in Katerynivka) and in Peter.

We threw troops in Stanitsa Luganskaya and even made a temporary bridge. And now there is poured concrete – a fundamental bridge. There will be light, KPVV – Switzerland.

And in Gold you saw how many we these strikes and manipulations. Some really believe that can’t afford the disengagement, but it’s the Minsk agreement.

After we threw troops in Katerynivka, there are no shots. Not at all. In the village of the Luhansk no. Statistics and such – where there is breeding, there is no fire. As for Petrovsky, you know, there’s just a field, there is no problem. The question is timing.

Our military is great. Breeding occurred 100% safe. we departed for a position. No gray area there. There is a safe place. There are representatives of the police and SBU.

What further plan of action, which on the format of the exchange of prisoners, which format can be for local elections – all these questions we need to ask each other and discuss in the channel meeting. Then come to our society and say: here is a solution, let’s discuss it. No secrets from the society will not.

As I said, there are five Gold pieces. One of these parts is occupied. There is a Deputy of some kind from the state Duma was. But do not fake. He was in Gold, which is controlled by the Ukrainian military.

Regarding our success, everyone can see them. We are three months built the highway Zaporozhye – Mariupol. Not to offended Mariupol: Mariupol – Zaporozhye.
This route is 200 kilometers, 70 kilometers of which were built in three years. We are three months built 130 kilometers. Expensive European level, everyone is happy.

Now the ring-road in the river begins to build. Discusses the district of Kiev and a few roads. But we understand that winter build. A large building starts March 1. The road Fund was up 40%, there is still the money of international organizations. We really want, we have an ambitious proposal from the Ministry of projects to build about 4,000 kilometers of roads next year.

A lot of money where-that was gone. But now increased construction percent 60% people will see it. People will see that they are preparing the project of the Zaporozhye bridges. Several bridges will be built next year.

Another task is a hundred schools. Will or built where none exist, or will be reconstructed. Will be reconstructed a hundred stadiums. And other important information will be constructed a hundred kindergartens in the country. A hundred buses to these schools because they are in rural areas. We immediately build school, road and bus that there’s luck.

The defence Ministry has never had such a big budget. The army budget has increased by 16%. We are proud of that – supported by our military.

Every morning when I go running (well I run every morning, but somewhere through the day), I buy coffee at the end of the run. I have a couple of points. We’re all glad to see so far. Want it has not changed. And then go to a cafe and say, “go away!” – that never happened.

(Came, ordering pie and coffee, then to the gas station. Employees say they are happy to see, please check out one).

The level of the Ukrainian language [I] is increasing, but there are problems with pronunciation, accent. It is possible, and it is impossible to know the language 100%, but in practice, we need to talk more and better with intelligent people. I spoke with the man in Russian and forgot the word – sometimes as early and there are such examples.

People say: better get used to it. But it’s a difficult job [to be President]. Sometimes takes all the energy and desire. Of man transformed into a body that doesn’t want to think, speak, and sometimes do not even understand what he says family. And it’s exhausting not only for me but for the family. Sometimes they say: “You agree?” or “We agreed to meet in 20 hours” and don’t you remember what was agreed. Well, the solution is said to be in the Parliament, it is accepted.

I want a society together: people and territory. And for the return to be fought. And the media. Yes, journalists should work in their profession, but… I wish we all were United for one purpose – to unite all and everyone, nobody is losing on this way, and then focus on reforms. Now it is not okay to do while dismantled all the country. Now it’s a dream. Big dream”.

10 main conclusions from the monologue

1. The main conclusion from the new live performance from the President – he appeals to the audience against him.

This is the part of society that does not want peace in the Donbass, requires to investigate the case of Sheremet and Gandzyuk, and not, say, the Elder and the death of 50-Maidan protesters in Odessa.

Zelensky was drawn to this part of society – it is in fact justified before it, and for channel format, and for the disengagement and for the resonant case. Mentioning the same Sheremet and Gandzyuk and says nothing about the murder of an Elder and about the tragedy on 2 may.

2. It is also well illustrated by the socio-economic thesis. If your first Tesla-the monologue he voiced the idea to completely exempt from payment of utilities of people older than 70 years (and it is the most disciplined voters), and then, in the film about his 100 days said that it will go with the government if it will not reduce the price of a communal, now he on the subject of tariffs and payment for housing and communal services didn’t say anything. He also said nothing about the size of salaries and pensions. But a separate bill is required to justify to the “party of war” and to emphasize that spending on the military budget will grow.

3. From the same series – and the story of how it enhances your Ukrainian. But not a word – about whether to change (or cancel) the law of total Ukrainization, or what he would do with the closure of Russian schools, which is coming from 1 September 2020. And in this case his thesis is, basically, designed for voter Poroshenko or Vakarchuk, not for those who voted for “Servant of the people” and Zelensky.

4. In speeches Zelensky is still a lot of theses on “young politicians” and how they are better than the old one. It sounded interesting in the summer, but now looks very strange in the backdrop of the recent outbreak of scandals with Amateur prostitutes Yaremenko or payments to deputies in envelopes.

5. About the scandals within the faction ze touched all casual, hinting at the “immoral behavior” in texting, and promising to make conclusions to Parliament before the end of the year. View. While Zelensky more more inclined to praise its own Parliament – in particular the “turbo mode”. And to justify their faction for the “objective difficulties” – they say, too big in number, that it was easy to control.

6. He also Sikasil that will “say goodbye” with their team members that will not cope till the end of the year. But what they need to do, what are the criteria for “right” or not was not made public.

7. Breeding troops Zelensky dismissed accusations of “surrender”, chided the media that fanned this scandal (comparing it with informology from the Russian media).

8. How to continue to move the peace process clearly Zelensky said. He only stated that at the meeting of the Normandy Quartet are said Waranty development situations, and then they will be discussed in Ukraine. Note that Russia offers the opposite of algorithm – prior to the meeting, all parties come to an agreement on how to hold elections in the Donbass and give it a special status and only then the solutions will be adopted by the leaders of the four countries. With such a difference approaches there is a risk that the peace process will stop after the disengagement from Petrovsky.

9. From their successes (present and future) Zelensky said, mainly the construction of roads and bridges. However, as stated above, nothing is said about wages, pensions and rates. In line with the basic logic of the government in the public sector – to minimize the growth of social spending. This is hardly what I was expecting from ze voters.

10. Separately, Zelensky addressed journalists, calling on them to unite for one purpose – to unite the country. It is a good wish, but unfortunately it is not supported by the cases. Still no reaction from the authorities in response to the incitement of hatred against the people of Donbass and Russian-speaking citizens of the presenter Ostap Drozdov and other figures. But without a clear articulation of position of power and no accountability of instigators, to talk about the unity of the country.Source

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