Arnaud Montebourg’s Nutella “Made in France” is controversial

    Arnaud Montebourg’s Nutella “Made in France” is controversial

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    This is information that stains. While Arnaud Montebourg has established himself, for several years, as a great defender of “Made in France”, he is accused of using foreign products in his spread. It is the president of the Unicoque cooperative, based in Cancon, in the Lot-et-Garonne, who denounces this double discourse in the daily La Dépêche. Thierry Descazeaux points to what he describes as a “double discourse” from Arnaud Montebourg.

    At the heart of the controversy: Nutella “Made in France”, launched a few months ago by the former elected socialist. “Mielette Bleu Blanc Ruche” is in fact made up of 60% French honey and 40% hazelnuts from Piedmont, that is to say directly from Italy. A use of foreign products which angered the hazelnut industry in France, in great difficulty, while it is now prohibited to use neonicotinoids to fight against two insects which wreak havoc in hazelnuts.

    “Inconclusive” tests

    A measure taken in France, while the global competitors of producers in France make almost all use of it. Hence the anger of the president of Unicoque, which brings together 95% of French producers, against the former minister. “Monsieur Montebourg is promoting the Mielette Bleu Blanc Ruche spread with Piedmont hazelnuts treated with neonicotinoids, the bee-killing insecticide, he who advocates relocation and ‘Made in France’, I leave you appreciate, “he denounced in the Dispatch.

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    For her part, the marketing and commercial director of the Arnaud Montebourg brand had explained at the launch of the spread, on France 3, that the tests with French hazelnuts were “inconclusive from a taste point of view. “, the product needing” an optimum amount of fat found in Italian Piedmont hazelnuts “.

    A “lack of knowledge”

    Faced with the controversy, Sophie Ricard thus regretted on Ouest-France a “controversy” launched by a company “which has not contacted us” and with whom “we could share commercial relations and defend common interests”. The marketing manager also said she did not want to “give the feeling that Italian hazelnuts are better than French”.

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    Regarding the presence of neonicotinoids in the products used to make Mielette, the company recalls that the substance “goes against our ethics” before acknowledging: “We did not know about neonicotinoids, it is a lack of our knowledge of the hazelnut. Moreover, at this stage, we are not sure that these hazelnuts are actually treated with this insecticide. We are in the process of checking with our supplier “.

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