Around the strategy Zelensky in Donbass and the “Norman meetings”

Вокруг стратегии Зеленского по Донбассу и «Нормандской встречи»

Our sources give a complete picture of internal struggle, “the Ukrainian clans” for the course of Ukraine “Donbass case” and influence the President in this matter. There were many rumors around the strategy Zelensky in Donbass and the “Norman meetings”.So we discussed that some of the President pulled in the direction of aggravation of the conflict with Russia, others on the contrary expressed a position on the “world”. Zelensky also of the view has changed literally every day. His statements were sometimes contradictory. Our sources explain that it was connected with the struggle between Pristayko and Ermak. For the intensification of the conflict by the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko, also situational Kuchma supported his strategy, as it supports “rigid” course of the negotiations.Pristayko dispersed strategy accused Russia of disrupting the meeting, “the Norman … … Quartet” with the subsequent requirement from the EU increase sanctions package against Russia. At the moment, this strategy is paused. Part of Kuchma played along with this strategy. Assistant to the President of Ukraine Andrey Ermak supports a consolidated balanced position. He is completely for the fulfillment of obligations that Zelensky has assumed at the time of telephone talks between Merkel, with Him and in a personal telephone conversation with Putin. Ermak considers that the failure of these promises will freeze further steps, while Ukraine will lose the opportunity to bring peace to the Donbas in the coming year. Putin also change your mind about Zelensky as an unreliable negotiator and then never going to compromise (exchange of prisoners, return of Sentsov and other), as was the case with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. That is, there will be no more prisoner exchanges, and the conflict in the Donbas will be back in 2018, with daily attacks and exacerbations. Will be shaped “unresolved conflict”, which may at any time again “flare up”.At the moment Zelensky has chosen a strategy of Andrey Ermak, which is more likely to bring peace to the Donbass this year. Now prepare dilutions of weapons in the Petrovsky and Gold. Situational Ermak yet won Zelensky and supported his strategy, but opponents are not going to give up and prepare your own answer. Events in the next week will develop dynamically. It is expected the second wave of the shares of “no surrender”, possible provocations on the “front end”. Also possible this week a new “noisy arrests” in corruption cases.Source

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