arrested for domestic violence, he pummels a police officer

    arrested for domestic violence, he pummels a police officer

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    Prolonged custody, this Wednesday, January 6 in the evening, for a man suspected of having hit his partner and then head butted a police officer at the Dax police station.

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    Originally from Dax, this thirty-something was arrested overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, in an apartment located not far from the arenas of the spa town. Solicited by a neighbor, worried about hearing “the cries of a woman” according to a police source, the patrol dispatched to the scene discovered her “bloody mouth”. Two men were also present, including his companion, “drunk and shirtless”.

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    In a state of blood alcohol requiring his passage through the emergency room of the hospital center of Dax, before his placement in police custody, the violent thirty-something then attacked one of the police officers present, by giving him a head butt .

    Now sober, the defendant should be presented this Thursday morning, to a magistrate of the Dax prosecutor’s office. The organization of an immediate appearance could then take place that same afternoon.

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