Arrested for spitting in coffee a policeman

Arrêté pour avoir craché dans le café d'un policier

An employee of the restaurant chain Dunkin’ in the United States has learned to its sorrow that it is not recommended to spit in the coffee of a customer, especially when it is a police officer.

Vincent J. Sessler, 25, was arrested Friday and accused of public disorder, of reckless behavior and assault against a peace officer, CNN reported Sunday.

The arrest came after a police officer in the State of Illinois had found the presence of mucus in his black coffee that he had just ordered. The police officer had just opened the lid of his cup when he noticed the presence of saliva floating above the liquid.

“This behavior is infuriating and disgusting. The men and women of the police of the State of Illinois will devote themselves body and soul, every day, in order to protect the lives and rights of the citizens. They deserve better than this treatment insulting and dangerous,” said the director of the police department, Brendan F. Kelly, in a statement quoted by CNN.

For their safety, it is now prohibited to police officers who work for the State to attend this branch of Dunkin’.

For its part, the chain has indicated that an internal investigation was triggered as soon as the incident, and Vincent J. Sessler was fired on the field.

“This kind of behaviour does not correspond to the values of the company,” responded a spokesman for Dunkin’ questioned by CNN.

“Dunkin’ greatly appreciates the work of the police officers who work tirelessly to protect our communities, goes-t-he. The franchisee has communicated directly with the police officer to offer his apologies.”

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