Arrested her husband and driven from the faction. Why “Servants of the people” exclude a pregnant Anna Skorokhod

Арестовали мужа и гонят из фракции. Почему из "Слуги народа" исключают беременную Анну Скороход

In “the Servant of the people” for the first time are going to exclude the Deputy from the faction. Talking about Anna Walker, who today made a loud statement in Parliament.

A pregnant 29-year-old runner said today from the podium that may leave the faction in protest against the authoritarian methods of leadership.

Interestingly, the police today arrested the husband of the Deputy – the old charges of the Russian authorities.

Later, the head of the faction David Arakhamiya said that tomorrow will be a vote on the exception deputati.

“Country” is understood in history, which sheds some light on the principles of leadership by members of monopolista.

“Red button”

First Anna Skorokhod in an emotional manner he spoke from the rostrum of the Parliament.

“Today, because I didn’t vote as I have indicated fraction, on behalf of one of the deputies of the presidential administration my husband was detained illegally. Became the basis of my vote in the hall, the defending state ownership of the GTS, as well as the red button against the opening of a land market”, – said the Deputy.

She said that the reason of his arrest was the request of Russia from 2017. “Before this there were no issues and after the “red button” is arrest,” said Skorokhod.

The MP called on the President and GBR to stop the tyranny.

Interestingly, the tribune Skorokhod missed is the representatives of the “Batkivshchyna” and “Opposition platform”.
Out in the corridors of Parliament, the MP said that her faction is actually clamped my mouth and chasing her and her husband for her position.

“I believe that we live in a free country, everyone has the right to Express their opinion, which thinks is right,” said Skorokhod reporters.

“Right now [my husband] was detained Pechersky regional Department. He was detained on the grounds that there was a request from Russia for his extradition to the Russian Federation in 2017 as well,” she said.

The response of the faction, blame the husband

After that, the head of the faction David Arakhamiya officially declared “Country” that scandalous nagasu will exclude from the party “servant of the people”. “This issue will be put on vote”, – told us Arakhamia.

As it turned out, the “servants” of the claim to the husband Skorokhod Alex Alekino.

Arakhamiya and Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on energy Andriy Gerus stated that the Alyakin was trying to influence the work of MPs and the decisions they take in the preparation of bills.

“He was seen in the walls of the Committee (on energy – Ed.). … He spoke in a rather unpleasant manner when communicating with members of our Committee during the discussion of moments, such as when the question who will be the head of the Subcommittee on atomic energy. We tried to solve the issue within the Committee. I saw a runner about me on the TV said, but for two months, no expression in her direction I have allowed myself not because I felt that we are in need to solve this situation. Unfortunately, it is more and more all defiantly showed that he is more against faction and will do anything to stop us from taking some bills,” said Gerus.

He notes that Anna Skorokhod last month to speak out against all decisions of the Committee and for those provisions which the Committee rejected.

In turn, Arakhamia said that to him at least twice addressed the members of the Committee on energy and complained about the pressure of Alexey Alyakin.

“Alyakin threatened the deputies who work in the relevant Committee, I’m not going to name names because they were threatened by people from the criminal circles and I don’t want to frame anybody. Now comes to the fact that will provide protection to each member of the Committee, why do it?”, – Arakhamiya told.

What is known about the husband Skorokhod

The civilian husband of Anna Skorokhod – Alexey Alyakin is a business partner of businessman Paul Fuchs. He was formerly the owner of a Russian Bank “Pushkino”.

The Bank deprived of the license on 30 September 2013. The Agency for Deposit insurance found that money was stolen under the pretext of delivery of credits to legal entities. We are talking about a total of about 10 billion Russian rubles, which in dollar terms is about 500 million.

In 2013, the Alyakin in Russia has declared itself bankrupt. In the same year, he traveled from Russia to Ukraine. 9 June 2018 Alyakin was detained by security Service specialists of Ukraine on request of the Russian Federation, he was under extradition arrest in prison, but in November 2018 on condition the measure of restraint changed to house arrest until September 15, 2019.

In Ukraine, the Alyakin is the owner of the construction company “Progres Bud” (Boryspil, Kyiv oblast), where Anna Skorokhod previously worked as a Deputy Director.

Арестовали мужа и гонят из фракции. Почему из "Слуги народа" исключают беременную Анну Скороход

Lawyer Sergey Tarasyuk today told details of detention Alyakin.

“At 10 a.m. at the corner of the Pylyp Orlyk Institute and detained by employees of criminal investigation Department of national police. He is wanted (by Russia – Ed.), he was detained a year ago, temporary detention has passed, he, well, went through all the procedures and now there is the procedure of extradition check. In fact, there was another procedure which is not required by law. The detainee re – the legislation is not provided,” – said Tarasyuk. According to him, the grounds for detention are the same as they were a year ago.

According to the lawyer, at the moment Alyakin is a stateless person. Protection Alyakin planning to apply to the State Bureau of investigation over alleged illegal detention.

My wife Alyakin in Parliament – its history.

Tears on the Happy meeting

Pregnant MP not so long ago made the news once cried during a meeting of Parliament. The reason was that the colleagues refused to consider its changes to the bill unbundling – restructuring of “Naftogaz”.

According to her, on the eve of the Committee were agreed upon arrangement, but when she read the text in the hall, he saw that her edits are not made.

Арестовали мужа и гонят из фракции. Почему из "Слуги народа" исключают беременную Анну Скороход

The runner was unable to hold back the tears: “you Know, the feeling that there is some sort of mockery. If I said I want to make your edits, then want to do it. Not that someone came up and said to me: “Stop feeding them”.

She brought water, and someone in the audience was advised to take himself in hand, as she has yet to give birth. Edit runner at the end and was not accepted.

“Andrew Gerus said that we do not set the rates – they have not installed. But the bill has prescribed a clause that provides for “normal rate of return”, which is included in the tariff. Tell me, please, what is “normal profit margin”? So I do not know. We do with this edit give NKREKP the ability to set the “normal rule” – it can be 5,7, 20, 50, 100%. And lay in the rate of investment. How is it possible to do? And they is prescribed in the text of the bill, which passed a vote in the hall. I decided against that and several other things,” – explained then “the Country” Anna Skorokhod.

In addition, according to her, the Committee members agreed that the transmission system is not communicated in the privatization, no sale, no rent, no concession, neither in the management. “In one article it is made, in other articles, “control” remained. One contradicts the other. I talked about this, and didn’t hear me, stopped my mouth,” said Anna Walker.

What else is known of Anna Skorokhod

Anna Walker was born 14 January 1990 in Vyshgorod, Kyiv region. In 2013 she graduated from Kyiv national University of culture and arts, specialty “journalist, speaker and presenter of TV programs” and the National Academy of internal Affairs, specialty “jurisprudence”.

Worked as a lawyer in the city Council, and later worked also as a lawyer at various commercial companies.

Арестовали мужа и гонят из фракции. Почему из "Слуги народа" исключают беременную Анну Скороход

29-year-old Anna Skorokhod passed in the Parliament in constituency № 93 with the center in the town of Myronivka, Kyiv region. The representative of the “public Servants” in the elections surpassed 19 other candidates and won.

In questionnaire stated that she was Deputy Director of “Building factory “Progress” on the organizational and legal issues, lives in Boryspil. In its election program was the items associated with gas production: “I uphold the increase of domestic gas and the development of “green” energy to reduce the cost of utilities”.

In the final few votes it is not supported by the majority faction. For example, did not vote for the new Cabinet. But during the vote for the investigation of tragedy of may 2 in Odessa, despite the fact that the fraction of “servant of the people” as a whole did not support this initiative, Walker was among the 32 members who voted “for”.

Арестовали мужа и гонят из фракции. Почему из "Слуги народа" исключают беременную Анну Скороход

August 29, 2019 Walker was among the six MPs from the faction “people’s Servants” not to vote for the appointment of a Minister of the government Alexey Goncharuk.

19 Sep 2019 Anna Walker were among the 44 representatives of the faction “people’s Servants” who have failed a bill to remove deductsalefrominventory.

Also the runner took part in the program “people’s Voice” on channel 112 contrary to the fraction decision to ignore this channel. During his speech at 112 Skorokhod supported the withdrawal of troops in Donbass and the reconciliation process.

The politician expressed the view that to negotiate and move towards peace. Also, the MP from the “Servants of the people” noted that the faction is not considered with opinion of deputies and ignore their changes to the laws. On the question of the journalist of “the Country” why the runner decided to come to the channel 112 against the will of the faction, the MP said that it is a free man and no restrictions it does not work.

On the website of the Unified register of electronic declarations NAPC no Declaration of Anna Skorokhod.Vic Wenk

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