Artem FRANCS: “What makes Pyatov in the head?!”

Артем ФРАНКОВ: «Что взбрело Пятову в голову?!»

Chief editor of the magazine “Football” Artem Francs has commented upon the draw of Shakhtar vs Dinamo Zagreb (2:2) in the home match of the group stage of the Champions League.

“Well, now Pyatov made in a negative sense. Of course, it’s the most obvious penalty in the Lead and it would not delete. There Pyatov took it in the head?! Slipped, grabbed his opponent and threw him qualified wrestling?! Was most touched by the attempts to prove that there was nothing… Traded on the market, knows about.

Well, another test of character “Shakhtar” — check that are not in the championship of Ukraine. Dodo and Solomon!

Well, rejoice then absolutely nothing. Is that efficiency — because scoring opportunities were at least. On the other hand, it is a sign of poverty of the game — why are so few moments where it was taking the third goal?”, — wrote Franks.

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