As a blow

​Comme un coup de massue

A very bad news expected Tuesday 85 of the 120 employees of Tennis Canada, who have learned that their services were no longer required.

After the announcement, on 11 April, to carry over to the next year of the Rogers Cup to be held in Montreal from 8 to 16 August, a restructuring within the organization was inevitable ; the negligence to the COVID-19.

The tournament in montreal, who was supposed to receive this year the elite women’s specialty, is a cash cow for Tennis Canada. And the situation may be even more disastrous if the details pane of the male event, planned in Toronto during the same period, suffered the same fate.

The same fate in Toronto ?

At the end of the wire, Eugène Lapierre did not hide his immense sadness to learn that he lost 70 percent of its workforce. Not less than 40 per cent of employees have been laid off, and 30 percent are confined to a temporary halt. Those who remain, most managers, would have accepted a wage reduction of 25 percent, according to our information.

Eugène Lapierre
Vice-president deTennis Canada”>

Eugène Lapierre
Vice-president deTennis Canada

“It was not a beautiful day, said the vice-president of Tennis Canada and director of the Rogers Cup in an interview at the Journal de Montréal. But we saw it coming. With the loss of the Montreal tournament, he had to take these difficult decisions. We took the lead, he continued. Now the question is what will happen to Toronto. ”

Lapierre does not hide that the coming of the best rackets of the ATP in the Queen City this summer is far from being acquired.

“Unlike Quebec, where the government authorities have banned all sports and cultural events until 31 August, he recalled, no decision on the Ontario side has not yet been announced. But we imagine that it will happen at a given time. ”

A hole of more than 24 million

The Rogers Cup, presented simultaneously in Montreal and Toronto, represents 90 percent of the funding for the activities of Tennis Canada. However, the cancellation of the two competitions would mean a huge financial hole.

“We did some calculations, said Lapierre, less expenses that we would not have to make in our operations, including the organization of other tournaments (Granby Repentigny also cancelled), as well as the development activities that will not take place. It is sure that we save under left and right, but it is a shortfall of over 24 million. ”

Coaches écopent

“We have been a day extremely difficult, said Louis Borfiga, responsible for the development of the elite Tennis Canada. We just lost a lot of coaches of great value, including Simon Larose, Frédéric Niemeyer. ”

The situation is however different for Sylvain Bruneau and Guillaume Marx, coaches dedicated to Bianca Andreescu and Félix Auger-Aliassime, respectively.

“Them, they are still in office, stressed Borfiga. They have a special status. Their athletes are going to pay them. ”

Valérie Tétreault director, communications, preserves it as his position.

“We know all”

Bruneau, him, said he was pained to his colleagues laid off.

“Tennis Canada, this is not a large box, he told. We all know. We dare not believe it, but our programs will be affected because the resources are not the same. Hoping that the situation will recover as soon as possible. ”

The good news, if there is one, is that this pause of several months will be beneficial for his protégé, who returned to his home in Mississauga, suburb of Toronto, at the beginning of march.

“Bianca was very close to a return, said Bruneau. Before the crisis broke out, she trained for two months (January and February) in Barcelona, Spain, under the supervision of the doctor of Rafael Nadal, Ruiz Cotorro. ”

The Canadian, a winner of the Rogers Cup and International of the United States in 2019, has not been seen on the courts since its abandonment (due to an injury to the left knee), against the Czech Karolina Pliskova, in the Masters female Shenzhen, China, on October 30.

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