As a geopolitical partnership between Russia and China threatens the West

Как геополитическое партнерство между Китаем и Россией угрожает Западу

We live in a time when the risks of conflict between powers are rising. The most likely contenders usually consider the rising power of China, and the former dominant, and now residing in the relative decline of the United States. Also a source of concern is the possibility of conflict between Russia and NATO.But what about the third probability, the prospects of collusion of China and Russia to work together to challenge America? Zbigniew Brzezinski warned that the most dangerous scenario for America will be full-scale coalition between Russia and China, United not by ideology, and past grievances.China and Russia are two of the leading revisionist power, United in their displeasure against the West. Vladimir Putin does not accept what it considers a weak and divided Europe. XI Jinping believes that China is about to become the dominant Asian power, as its political and economic model is more successful and is an alternative to the model of the West.China and Russia currently, the increasingly close relations, and especially in terms of military cooperation. If the military cooperation between China and Russia will continue to grow, it will inevitably undermine the current international order in the security field, challenging the United States-led alliances in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.The conversation is not about what we will see the official Russian-Chinese Alliance, but we can certainly see the increasingly close strategic partnership. Russia and China have for each other is advantageous in the economic sense, and both countries are the dominant military powers in their regions. They also believe that having a real discord in the West geopolitically them favors.So what are the chances that Beijing and Moscow feels that it’s time to throw a challenge to the West, taking advantage of what they perceive as a weakness of the West? China and Russia are perfectly aware of American military power. But both countries know that the US has undisputed military superiority.In recent years their partnership has deepened after Russia has started to give China its increasingly sophisticated weapons systems; they also began to hold joint military exercises in the Baltic sea and the East China seas. In July this year, the Chinese and Russian strategic nuclear bombers was found in the sky, East Asia, and conducted provocative joint operation in the airspace to which a claim South Korea and Japan.Given the slow decline of Russia and China’s rapid growth, we can expect that Moscow is likely to support the efforts of the West centralamerica China, rather than try to undermine it. However, the evidence is now accumulating that Russia’s relations with China are strengthening, which entails a profoundly negative geopolitical consequences for the West. Prominent American historian Walter Russell Mead has gone so far as to describe the current Russian and Chinese military activities as “the last manifestation of the deepening of the Union between Russia and China.”What risks can go Beijing and Moscow to return to what both consider the historical territories that once belong to the Motherland? It is important to understand that in the case of both China and Russia, we have seen two have a long history of culture that differ from Western traditions. In both countries there is also a history of humiliation by the West. Both countries have undergone in its history, periods when their societies were weak, that the West used to their advantage.Now it seems that China and Russia are joining forces to confront the United States, which they consider a common enemy. China is strong and bold enough to be a strategic partner, while Russia is aiming to establish itself as an independent great power in Europe. China is simply responding to competitive confrontation with America under the rule of trump, deepening its strategic relationship with Moscow. China has no other such strong relationships with the major powers neither in Asia nor in Europe.There can be no doubt that the increase in these two countries forces suggests that they are increasingly preparing for the conflict with the West. The rapid development of military capabilities of China, along with serious reforms in the Russian army occurs at a time when America is unable to wage two major regional wars simultaneously. The United States intends to maintain a favorable regional balance of power in the Indo-Pacific region and in Europe. But it will be especially challenging, given China’s growing power in Asia and the increasing military power of Russia in Europe.What are the policy implications for the West? The reality is that the West is entering a period of great political distraction. The obsession of America’s contemplation of itself, and making it “great again” opens for China and Russia’s new geopolitical opportunities.Brzezinski is warning that the most dangerous security scenario for the US will be full-scale coalition of China and Russia is fast becoming a geopolitical fact.

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