As a “servant” bends in an arc: “the gravedigger rating Zelensky” Borodyansky

Как «слугу» гнёт в дугу: «могильщик рейтинга Зеленского» Бородянский

Much is already clear: just as “mouse” on the monitor, drag a file from folder to folder, also moved the power from the hands of Poroshenko in the hands of Zelensky. “Mighty mouse” apparently, fidgeting under the fingers of people from afar and izgubena (talking about the American deep state). The process of settling and recycling of Ukraine as occupied territory of the West continues at another level. Sometimes works fresh faces, but most of the faces clearly the second freshness. That’s surfaced in the legislature “legendary viatrovych” which brought an insane, evil and sinful. On foreign policy delivered Vadim pristayko, who was a chip implanted in Kiev the power structure in the times of Kuchma, who worked all those years on NATO against Ukraine involved in the plot against the Church on the subject of “Thomas”. The culture of adapting Borodyansky grown oligarch Victor Pinchuk.

Look at the character and listen what the Minister said Borodyansky. This official appointed by the Minister of culture, youth and sports, aims is to carry out a control on the Church’s direction, despite the fact that by law the Church is separated from the state. However, the “Petina five-year plan” have written off this constitutional provision to the scrap, pre-wiping repeatedly on her legs. So wonder no more: after the coup of 2014, the Ukrainian Constitution is just text written on paper, nothing more.

Borodyansky, obviously, is trying to maneuver between the plants of the former government extremists – the kind of “collective vyatrovich” and common sense (in his sense). Armed with Russophobic theories of Viatrovych, the Minister of culture undertook to conduct the case more subtly. Yeah, right: that could be mangled by brute force – mangled with Poroshenko. Now in the hands of vandal was given not a hammer, but the hammer, chisel and sandpaper to stesyvat rough chips, polished deformities. Borodyansky answer to the question of “continuing the policies of de-communization” is: “the Old law on decommunization we will perform. This is the first. But I believe that life is more complex than decommunization. And our task is not to change the signs and change your way of thinking. Therefore what we will do, will show the versatility and ambiguity of our history. We will develop people’s critical thinking skills…” “Ambiguity of history” is ogovorochka according to Freud. And the rest of the passage about the change of mentality should be understood that we-the team will develop (like mineral deposits) subject and master budgets.

Borodyansky sure that “it is necessary to build a Museum of the Maidan, to finish the Museum of the Holodomor…”. With a capital letter, in the highest sense. Thus, the “new” called to be successors of “former” continue to deliberately falsify the history, as they say, to fool the people (now called development of critical thinking skills). The zombie with the construction of museums translates historical myths in the plane of the monumental policy, which will then create a scope of work for future defasification history. Then there will be in the museums of the exhibition with the names, for example, “the Big lie of the Maidan”. It’s obvious now. Former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash in his recent study, “What’s wrong with the list of “Heavenly hundred”?” he writes in conclusion: “Not the myths about independence and fair investigation and punishment of perpetrators would be the best answer for their family, for all of us. But it was not. And you know why. Power would come out on itself”. Yes, we know. On the Maidan was used the technology of “unknown snipers” – to excite in the people of “righteous anger”. Therefore, desire ze-team to subscribe to the lie poroshenkovskoy clicks in the “case of Maidan” is not a desire to correct – she would distance themselves from the lies, but for some reason not coming out. While or not at all turns out remains to be seen.

The Borodyansky very desirable in the eyes of sensible people to look adequate. He’s not even called for the renaming of the Kiev Zhovten cinema. Don’t beat about this in epilepsy: “Zhovten” is generally a neutral story. He doesn’t bother anyone, nothing has a relationship”.

Yes, there is a difference between the “new” from the “vyatrovich”. In any case, in words. Thus see-the power stutters that “the law on de-communization” is contrary to all of the same muzzled euromaidan Constitution.

As for the topic religious, the Minister confidently declares: “There is a law that provides for the renaming of this Church (the UOC in the UOC-MP). It is necessary to carry out the law. Someone has doubts that it is necessary to carry out the law? The failure of the law – a criminal offense in Ukraine…” This is the case when the highest state official to call for the implementation of an unconstitutional law, and even threatens criminal liability! If he remembers what is written in the basic law, the big question. Perhaps, remembers, and even can quote by heart, but this does not prevent the Minister put the cart before the horse over the Constitution in his mind prevails a law that directly contradicts it. And nothing Borodyansky thrive without the “critical thinking”, which he is going to develop in the inhabitants of Ukraine.

The oligarch Kolomoisky, is directly involved in the success of the “servants of the people” (now that phrase is an oxymoron), as something unkind said about the Minister: “the Minister of culture Borodyansky – I know that he is not a moron…” the Praise of that still. In his cheerful manner Gopnik benny then came to the conclusion that Borodyansky “not a moron, and idiot”. In this case, the context is not important. It is important that after its passage Borodyansky tried to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of society, giving the media a few notable interviews. Helped, but not quite: his statements are often seen through the prism of Benin definitions.

In his interview with the Minister, himself a bit of a bully. Do you like this quotation from the “main culture”: “we really are beautiful masterpieces, we need to learn to show, to attract people to the understanding of their own history”? “There are really great masterpieces” – this is from the same series as “purely concrete”, and breathed crimson jackets and gold chains in a finger from the 90’s.

Remember, Zelensky was going to change the language law, adopted under the curtain of his existence the previous Maidan Rada, – paruby then joy barely out of the pants and shirts didn’t jump. Alas, you don’t hear Borodyansky has initiated a review of the law the GOP-the company is now hiding behind the guise of “European Ukraine” (which is an oxymoron). He is not outraged by the fact that from 2020 all schools will be translated into Ukrainian language of instruction, what constantly blows, the Ministry of education already under Zelensky.

Borodyansky, meanwhile, is concerned about the mythical “brainwashing” in the republics of Donbass. “I believe that the language of the content should be including Russian and he is Russian. It will be a lot of content in the Russian language,” he promises, referring to “content” for residents DND and LNR. The new government does not think of anything smarter, I decided to take people of Donbass head like a fool and still the Kiev authorities. However, the logic in this: “the content” is something maloobyasnimoe and at the same time is very promising for cutting the budget. Do not count already information initiatives of the previous government, heartily drank of the money on “anti-Russian propaganda”, and that these same direction.

Borodyansky describes the situation: “Ukraine today is a country at war. The country which was attacked. A country in which there is what is called hybrid war. We see interfering in our information space, in our information space to develop a flow of misinformation, threads, manipulation and fakes”. Nothing new. And about war, and about “the country that was attacked”. Clear – the Minister outlines the field activities, which will require money. Lots and lots of money. The Borodyansky understands: he spent years formed a media product and knows how to pack and how to make it. And as for the inhabitants of the DNI and LC (in post-Maidan Kyiv legend is a zombie brainwashed) to amass capital and the political, in the literal sense – it is without fail, then the budgets themselves swim in the hands.

And how “a lot of content in the Russian language,” Ukrainian filling will perceive in the republics of Donbass (ORDO – as they are called in the capital of Ukraine) – it is the thirty-ninth, because as the report will do some fake interviews with local residents and the findings that most of them are really, really wants to the Ukraine runs much hair ago.

Sometimes it seems that the Borodyansky I would like to break out of the network propaganda, not scattered without him. It is quite sanity says that the laurels of the UOC are not breeding grounds of the Russian world: “I Have no information that this is a hotbed of the “Russian world”. To date I have no evidence of violation of the law of the UOC-MP in the Pechersk Lavra and Pochayiv. Pecherska Lavra, as we know it and reserve, and Church. There are rules for the use of the monastery, which should be fixed in the contract between the state and the Church. And the task of the state to see that these obligations are respected by the Church…” Well, at least remember that Kiev-Pechersk Lavra “is part of the heritage of UNESCO”. And if so, there is someone for her “follow” and without a Minister of culture, youth and sports.

Fresh initiatives Borodyansky – crackdown bloggers (“Now we want to say that the content falls under the regulation. And that’s fine. There are a huge number of people that consume the content bloggers”). Let’s see who is first of all it touches: the real hate mongers or the Sharia ban. Well, the main business of the Minister, about which he continually speaks, is the so – called act of misinformation. “That sounds strange, but this bill on countering misinformation will help people to understand what is true and what is untrue,” says Borodyansky, simultaneously waving away the accusations that in Europe, where so committed to Ukraine, so it is not accepted. “But in Europe there is no war, and we have it”, – says with a straight face he.

It is exactly the Borodyansky spoke from Kiev, Yuri Molchanov, calling the Minister “a leader among the gravediggers of the rating Zelensky”: “the Law about the MOV, a society divided, irritating at least half of the citizens of the country, adopted under the leadership of Poroshenko and Parubiy, he considers acceptable and binding.

The law about the renaming of the UOC, which added fuel to the fire of confrontation and bloodshed, has caused widespread discontent of millions of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, adopted under the leadership of Poroshenko and Parubiy, he considers acceptable and binding.

Activities Maryna Poroshenko at the cultural Foundation, which has funded, to put it mildly, very controversial project, he considers it successful and effective. And doubled its financing, bringing the number to 500 million. Half a billion!!! Well, of course! You have large pensions, huge subsidies, and indeed, in your life everything is OK and there is a critical lack only Patriotic culture! MOV, Vira…”

Как «слугу» гнёт в дугу: «могильщик рейтинга Зеленского» Бородянский

Taras Boychuk

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