As AirDrop, Google is developing a sharing feature to near for Android devices

Comme AirDrop, Google développe une fonction de partage à proximité pour les appareils Android

It has been almost nine years, Apple launched in 2011, the function of sharing of files between its mobile devices managed by its iOS system.

This time, it is its competitor, Google, which delivers – it was time – clocks to the correct time by integrating a similar feature in Android called Nearby Share, that Google translated as ” sharing in the vicinity “.

On the blog of Google, Nearby Share is available today on smart phones turning on Android 6.0 or more recent, to facilitate the instant sharing of files, links, photos and other content with the people around you, while protecting your privacy.

It should be noted that devices Google Pixel and Samsung will be the first to receive Nearby Share today. The function will be deployed on other Android devices in the coming weeks, we can read on the blog.

Sharing on-line or off-line

Prior to the publication of Nearby Share, it was necessary to send something to a friend to go through multiple steps and use of communications services that require credentials, such as your e-mail address and a password.

By simple keys, the shared close to, you can reduce this time and to see a list of nearby devices with which you want to share content.

Once the recipient is selected, it will be notified and will have the opportunity to accept or decline the file. Nearby Share then chooses automatically the best protocol for sharing quick and easy using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or the Wi-fi peer-to-peer – you can share even when you’re completely offline.

Choice of the recipients

As for AirDrop, you can set your visibility favorite for Nearby Share at different levels of contacts: all, some, or anonymously. As you can read, it will be possible to send and receive files anonymously, according to Google.

The three levels of contact

Also on Chromebook

In the months to come, Nearby Share will also work on computers Chromebook to share files between an Android phone and a Chromebook, and vice versa.

Left to do is to cross our fingers that Nearby Share and AirDrop are compatible between them.

The on-line support of sharing near is here.

And a video demonstration of the feature on YouTube.

The function of sharing in close proximity on Chromebook

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