As clothing shows your character

Как одежда выдает ваш характер 

According to the well-known proverb, a person meet on clothes, and escorted already in the mind. Therefore, the manner of dress you can learn a lot about a person.Clothing is the hallmark of man. She will tell about interests and Hobbies, character and personal preferences. Not necessary to wear expensive brands, and most importantly, skillfully combine them.Who prefers business style?People who choose a business style of clothing, usually intellectuals. Inconspicuous and neat things betray them confidence. They are not particularly follow the fashion trends. Such people think a lot before taking a decision. On the other they don’t immediately respond, but pauses.To melt the heart of such a person is very difficult. It remains cool even in the hottest moments. To be Frank this person is not with each. He believes that others are simply not able to understand his thoughts and actions. Therefore, business people are often loners. For them in the first place in the life of job. The feelings and emotions they hide from prying eyes.Where do without the classics?If all your images are designed in the same style, you wear expensive accessories and jewelry, day wear a business suit to the office, and in the evening a strict dress — you are a practical person who is not inclined to waste time on trifles. Such people are particularly honored traditions and adhere to the rules of etiquette. They put all their power in performing important things, strive for harmony and peace in life.With outsiders a man who loves the classics will stay away and will never sort things out. He used to play by the rules accepted in the society in which well versed and forces them to work for themselves, and the use of The individual knows sign language and clearly understand when an official communication goes into flirting. Cash area it will only allow elect.Sport style is chosen not only podrostkov who prefer these style, active and energetic. They can during the day to have time to visit several spots in different parts of the city. For this they need comfortable clothes and shoes.Working in the office, these people will be the first to agitate to pause and move. They are not used for a long time to stay in one place and at any moment can break into a dance. This trait at first glance it may seem a sign of levity. In fact, in the soul of every man lives a child who wants vivid impressions and new emotions.Men clothing sportswear, strive always and everywhere to be first. They are led by the spirit of competition. They are brave, strong and determined. Glamorous style is not enough for them immediate, extravagant — very catchy.Convenient casualЛюди who prefer this style of clothes, do not love to go shopping for expensive things it is a pity to spend money. They value convenience and functionality, to sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty will never be. Decorate these individuals do not like. Wear them only when they mean something.In the crowd of such people, especially not allocated. Their appearance is simple and understated. Every detail of the image is practical. In the shower these individuals are true rebels, but in the demonstrative form they do not show it. They have enough inner strength to reject all the accepted conventions and to live happily.Extravagance in medupravlenie she can in anything from cutting-edge clothing from fashion designers to the strange Gothic images. Extravagant people use and original jewelry, which I like to order individually.The style for such individuals is a fascinating game that emphasizes their nature and satisfies the desire to stand out from the crowd. Usually such people are arrogant and cocky. They behave strangely. Are too arrogant and conceited. They rarely realize their desires and become famous.

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