As Dmitry Komarov celebrated its own 35th anniversary

Как Дмитрий Комаров отпраздновал собственное 35-летие

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Dmytro Komarov showed his fans how to celebrate their own 35th anniversary. The corresponding photo he posted on his page in Instagram.

“I asked the other pilot to borrow a plane, we jumped behind the wheel and organized one of the most beautiful flights of my life. I rolled over Kiev one of his favorite leading Katya Osadcha and her co-operator, who all in the detail shot”, he said.

Komarov also said that the presenter gave him “just a gorgeous cake in the shape of a suitcase.” He also stressed, later will tell the followers where you can give him “is not virtual, but a real gift.”

On published photos can be seen Mosquitoes with Osadchaya made a circle over the city, and then he was presented a cake with the name of the program, which he leads. Also, it is possible to see the passport of Ukraine.

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