As for the money Soros bright image of Ukrainian democracy destroyed

Как на деньги Сороса светлый образ украинского демократа разрушали

In the middle of July me as the representative of the “2000” was invited to Moscow for the seminar “Russia—Ukraine: the problem of understanding and estimates of Holodomor of 1932-33.”. It was assumed that in the case of consensus in ratings of hunger will make appropriate proposals in Russian and Ukrainian history textbooks.

But the first doubts about the success of the planned activities (in the sense of coming to agreement) occurred to me when I went through the list of Ukrainian participants. It was headed by a prominent adept golodomornye-genocidal theory Professor Stanislav Kulchytsky. The speakers from Ukraine were presented and the right hand Stanislav Vladimirovich senior researcher, Institute of history national Academy of Sciences Ludmila Grinevich and editors funded from overseas historical-cultural publications.

Such a one-sided approach to the representation of the Ukrainian side was forced to undertake a detailed study of the “pedigree” of the organizer of the seminar — the Russian “club of regional journalism”. It is headed by the daughter of the famous liberal economist and former economy Minister and member of the political Council of the “Union of right forces” Irina Yassin. She is the head of the Foundation Mikhail Khodorkovsky. But this event, judging by the logo, and was conducted with the assistance of the Open Society Institute (better known as Soros Foundation).

And then it crept into my suspicions regarding the true aims of the event: I do not believe I, a sinner, in the light gusts of the world speculator in the field of historical reconciliation. However, do not exclude me and the fact that Russian Democrats will try to use this meeting to attempt to win over those who call themselves Democrats in Ukraine — they say, “who, if not us, knows that man-hating totalitarian machine crushed everybody.”

The precedent — not the incident?

Как на деньги Сороса светлый образ украинского демократа разрушали

“Alterative” historian Irina Circumanal of the workshop seems to confirm the first guess is about a grantoedskogo cabal (familiar communication between Kiev and Moscow rapporteurs gave them longtime colleagues in the struggle for “universal human values”) as the springboard for the introduction into the mass consciousness of the Russians of another complex of guilt for its Imperial essence. Ukrainian participants of the aggressive bent of the famous line, and the organizers in the name of preserving democratic solidarity were suspended conversations on the topic of repentance: “if we call ourselves Orthodox civilization, in principle, should repent” (moderator — known in circles of fans of so-called alternative history (or history in the subjunctive mood) researcher Irina Karatsuba); “the Japanese let and formally apologized to the Chinese during the Nanjing massacre of 1937” (Irina Yasina). Didn’t realize only the Russians for what should be in sackcloth and ashes, because the facts given in the presentation of the outstanding researcher of famine-33, Viktor Kondrashin, very lucidly showed that fundamental differences between Ukraine’s tragedy and other disasters in the affected regions of the USSR was not (shall not repeat the arguments of Professor Kondrashin — readers “2000” familiar with them in the presentation Mark taugera and Dmitry Tabachnik.

The fracture came when the word took the simple, gray-haired teacher. Unlike the professional Russian human rights activists, they not all were children and grandchildren of high-ranking Soviet leaders, successfully survived famine in the house on the embankment of the Moscow river. Remembering their deaths in 1932-33 parents or relatives, they sincerely wondered, “So what’s them and our fault before the Ukrainians?”. A very young journalist from Rostov-on-don Inna Manavaroa told that in her veins flows Ukrainian, Russian and Azerbaijani blood: “So what part of me before any guilty and for what?”. However, even on this question of the Kiev colleagues from Radio “Freedom” was a response in kind that “depending on who she’s self-aware”. It turned out that if the Russian, then to repent, if a Ukrainian is to demand repentance.

At this point I asked my neighbor teacher of the famous Moscow gymnasium №1543 Alexey Kuznetsov (and a famous figure of the democratic movement), as he is the true face of Ukrainian national democracy. “I hope this is a temporary phenomenon,” — still didn’t believe Alex. With this I agreed: “it Will take quite some time, when part of “democracy”, they will be discarded as superfluous”. Thought the source was ready to admit it. But I couldn’t accept the reality — that in Ukrainian schools erected by the graves of victims of the Holodomor.

Stunned the teacher believed me only after Artem Skoropadsky of “Kommersant-Ukraine”, “caught” me in a lie: “in schools and in individual school” (although later it turned out that we had in mind different schools), and Andrew Mokrousov from the “Critics” said that drawing contests on the topic of the famine-genocide — only the use of a European experience. “Yes for that school principals should head to tear!” — not democratically out of a state of shock Kuznetsov.

“I’m sorry, Bengalis too are we?”

And yet the organizers of the seminar tried to find common ground with the Ukrainian, as still thought, friends: “Friends, you see, is our common misfortune, it is a tragic part of our common past. We have been through a terrible Soviet system.” A wonderful teacher from Penza Tatiana Alferiev invited both parties to qualify the famine as a crime against humanity, and Alexey Kuznetsov — to accept and in Russia the term “famine” as a sign of the violent nature of the hunger. Agree, from the point of view of liberals, does not leave a “permanent criminal Stalin” right, it’s internally logical.

But it turned out that not even the refusal to repent, namely, a combination of “common history” literally blew up before more tolerant discussion. The indignation of some Ukrainian participants generally bordered on hysteria: “we Have never been and never could be, no common history! You stole our independence, you have made us their colony, you have taken the fleet, and now have claims on our history!”.Here we should pay tribute to Stanislav Kulchytsky. In spite of the hysterical cries, he stated that he does not consider Ukraine a former colony of Russia, at least because the Russian Empire was not colonial. Consequently, and hunger, in his opinion, was the Armenian genocide not from the metropolis, and from the non-national Bolshevik elite. Moreover, according to the theory of Kulchitsky, communism in the twentieth century has evolved the way that genocide (but somehow only Ukrainians) was inevitable.

The Professor’s idea was supported by the candidate of historical Sciences Lyudmila Grinevich (“Note, this hunger is a democratic country not known”), though left a theoretical possibility for Russia’s claim (“It was Russia that brought us communism”). It is surprising that such a highly qualified specialist in modern history, operating a huge array of hand-collected factual material, it is forgotten that the Ukrainian Soviet Republic was established on 25 December 1917 And established its all-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets, and not the self-proclaimed captured at the Kiev station “rural and military members of the” Central Rada.

As for the impossibility of famine in democratic countries, even leaving the borders of modern times by the British in Ireland called the potato famine 1845-1849 (up to 1.5 million victims, 1.5 million immigrants and 8 million of the population at the beginning of the 1840s), it is enough to remind about 5-7 million victims of the great depression in the United States, about the famine among the canadian Inuit in 1950 talking about the colonialist policy of “democratic” countries in modern times, the first thing you can remember about the 1942-1943 famine in British India (5 million people were victims of the devastation of the Bengal and North-Eastern India in response to mass anti-British speeches, 1942). A decade earlier, the French colonialists had forced Nigerians to pay high taxes despite the poor harvest that caused a famine of appearances even superior to our tragedy (the cannibalism was just ubiquitous). However, why go far: in memorial for us 1932 in the Carpathian villages, now Ukrainian, and then living in the part of Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, was also rampant hunger. This “2000” I wrote 2 years ago: ( /2000/svoboda-word/istorija/44334), and now in a more expanded form can be read in the book of Nicholas Lativok and Helena Mazur “1932-1933: famine in Europe and America. Years, 1992-2009: genocide in Ukraine. The facts and documents”.

“Shiz”, but not the same

It is here that the Ukrainian Democrats acknowledged “their,” not a little offended the last. If before they were really enjoyed watching the flights of spitting “medveputinskaya mode — the successor to the Stalinist repressive machine”, it is now finally understand what “Putinism” and no one really was aiming for. Labeled in Russian, including their fictional.

Actually, I think that the nickname “demise” that Russian liberals called the Internet their great opponents, unfair. Split personality (which, by the way, it is wrong to associate schizophrenia) among Russian Democrats in General not observed. Their ideology — a blind adherence to everything “obviously progressive” that comes to us from the rapidly denationalises of Europe, though simple, but internally consistent. But how to fit in one head primitive version of nationalism (with the inevitable search for the enemy) and the constant readiness to swear allegiance to the so-called universal values and democratic principles is the problem. And more medical than social.

During the seminar, this contradiction was reflected in the approach to such a concept as a national idea. Moscow participants it is abhorrent. And, of course, the Russian Democrats and in a head could not come that their liberal counterparts with the help of the famine-genocide the Ukrainian idea to build.

Как на деньги Сороса светлый образ украинского демократа разрушали

Head of programs of “memorial” Irina of Sherbakovskaya, similar to what “the Holodomor serves as the primary symbol, which must combine the historical consciousness of all Ukrainians” (Kulchitsky), are pronounced entirely different audiences. Is it because so and hung in the void the plea of the representative of “memorial” Irina Shcherbakova (personally recorded dozens of terrible testimonies about the destructive nature of hunger 33rd in the Russian regions) to explain to her: “Why in Russia not such the memory of the Holodomor?”. The regulations did not allow me to answer that it’s not only unconscious of the Russian government, do not manage during the last 19 years to adequately memorialize the victims of famine.

But that the opposite extreme (in the sense of cultivation of the genocide) not just hypertrophy. This is the construction of such opposing liberalism of the national idea. And it was built on the image of Ukraine as an eternal sacrifices for the salvation of enlightened Europe from the barbaric Asiatic. How else to understand what milestones glory of Ukraine elected solely of destruction and disaster: famine, Baturin, Cool, Brody, battle of Poltava (like the defeat of the troops “the Ukrainian-Swedish Alliance”). And even Konotop “battle” is not able to brighten the picture, because the vanguard of the “militia of the Russians and Ukrainians” (Dmitry Yavornytsky) actually were exterminated not “Ukrainian army”, but rather a Tatar-Polish.

Alas, the moderator, referring to the same rules, gave me the opportunity to remind the scholar Andrew Mokrousovo that the first nekrofilskoe “experience” Europe was born after the plague that claimed one-third of the population of the continent. And although Moore was not spared and the Orthodox lands only in the West death has taken a key place in the culture. Known sociopsiholog Sergey Kara-Murza draws attention to the fact that at this time in the romance and Germanic languages appear associated with the death of the word that does not have adequate analogues in East Slavic languages. First appeared in French in 1376 G. the term macabre was included in all European languages and is translated into Russian as a funeral, dark, creepy, etc. But these Russian words do not convey the actual meaning of the concept — it is much wider and worse. In Western art created countless works, entitled La danse macabre, “the Dance of death.” It’s a whole genre. But the main thing that “dancing” is not the abstract Death not dead, but “dead I” — allegedly closely associated with the living person of his dead DoppelgangeR.

I admit that for the national Democrats (with their already bifurcated consciousness) obtaining another I — no problem. But will make the country of 47 million dead alter ego?

P. S. In conclusion, we would like to thank George Soros and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. It is hoped that the funds of the Russian liberals still opened my eyes to the fact that not everyone, denouncing Stalin and Putin and Russia as a whole, worthy to be called a Democrat.

That’s what I read on the seminar in the online blog Irina Yasina: “At some point I could not resist. The guard is tired! Who would you blame for all their troubles, if not Russia? Like the ethnic Ukrainians and the Jews of the villages, located in Ukraine, in the requisitions did not participate? Irina Shcherbakova of the Memorial was shown shocking footage of a very elderly — from the Voronezh and Rostov regions. There was the same. The Bolsheviks did not fight with the Ukrainians due to the fact that they are Ukrainians”. Struggled with the CLASS (Hello, my Marxist education!) A class of rural producers. Just in Ukraine, they had the whole country, and we have a few areas. It turns out there is a term “sotsiotsida”.Dmitry SKVORTSOV

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