As for Ukraine, the word “activist”, “volunteer”, “atoshnik” change its meaning

Как на Украине слова «активист», «волонтёр», «атошник» меняют свой смысл

After the euromaidan, the terminology of the Ukrainian nationalists launched several Holy words. But life does not stand still, and these words began to acquire a negative sense. So a lot of the atrocities done by those who are called these words. Let us examine three of the term – “activist”, “volunteer” and “atoshnik”.

“Activist” – “bully”, “the troublemaker”, a “political mercenary”, even “bandit”

The “activists” during the Maidan, called the protesters against Yanukovych, including those who threw police with Molotov cocktails, stones, those who fired at law enforcement officers.

After the Maidan gang of these “activists” are actually legalized in Ukraine. Accustomed to live by violence, they do not want to work, and soon became a mercenary, part of the armed groups, taking orders from anyone who had the means to pay for such “activity”. Objectionable to his employers the people “the activists” publicly threw in the trash cans, beat them across the crowd, insulted and humiliated, seized land offices and government agencies, undermining the pillars of power lines. “Activists” killed Olesya Elder. Odessa “activist” Sternenko killed a resident of the city of the Black sea (Ilyichevsk), a former marine, father of three children. “Activist” Goncharenko mocked burned the House of trade unions on 2 may 2014 Odessa (which burned and killed also “activists”). And they got away with it. Post-Maidan Ukrainian media, including national TV, just choked with delight, feeding these acts as a triumph of democracy. From this attitude of impunity “activists” more and more nagleli and eventually became a “nightmare” everyone, including the protesters, which they ordered.

And here even to moderate nationalists was to realize that all is not well with the “activists.”

Here’s what I wrote about the “activists” Lviv portal known for his passion for nationalism, after the “activists” seized the meeting hall of the Shevchenko district administration, took the session broke down the door and spraying officials “unknown substance”:

“Young people for the money involved in the protests, carry out political orders and posing as activists. They are political mercenaries, often with a criminal past, but posing as social activists. For the money, they arrange provocations and participate in political rallies, mass clashes and purchased the protest. Ever since the euromaidan guys known to the public as “aunts”. There is a capital “aunts”, there is Lviv. Members of the various factions that are hiding under the names of various public organizations “Ukrainian Union of participants of ATO”, “national corpus”, “Community Development”, “Slaves are not allowed in heaven”, “Sokol” and others. Some of these organizations and got to Kiev… Among the crowd you can recognize and the members of the organization “Sokol”. It was established in 2006, and the main partner was the all-Ukrainian organization “Svoboda”. One of the members of “Falcon” Dmitry this year during the storming of the town Hall used an army knife. Then the crowd threw him to the ground and beat the head of the administration of mayor Eugene Boyko…”.

Как на Украине слова «активист», «волонтёр», «атошник» меняют свой смысл

In Lviv (and not only), remember, the nationalists breathy welcomed when “activists” beating opponents of the Maidan, burned and shot the police, but changed attitude when beating steel themselves. If we trace the evolution of the word “activist” in the information field of Ukraine, Maidan before it had a neutral color, during independence and immediately after it carried a positive meaning in the mouths of supporters of the coup, and is now becoming abusive. The “activists” now more and more often called bullies, who all their dark acts are committed by a crowd.

It is amazing that some of these thugs managed to Poroshenko with the participation of Avakov and Klitschko to become the official power structure – so called “Municipalnoe vartu”. “VARTA” in Ukrainian guards. That is, in parallel with the police of cities of Ukraine patrolled by gangs, who often made between a bloody showdown. This outraged even the government. So, the Deputy from “public Servants” geo Leros said: “with respect to “Municipal Warta river” – Yes, I am advocating that it should be removed. If there are police, which the public order save why city authorities “Municipal VARTA”, I don’t understand. Maybe it’s some kind of legalized OPG at the city administrations, that’s all.”

Как на Украине слова «активист», «волонтёр», «атошник» меняют свой смысл

“Volunteer” – “thief”, “Marauder”, “crook”, “accomplices” is sometimes the same as “activist”

Also in Ukraine loses its positive connotation and the word “volunteer”. Immediately after the start of the so-called anti-terrorist operation volunteers to call those who are supposedly selflessly helps the army and “volunteers” to fight with the Donbas. After it turned out that most of the “volunteers” are just cashing in on the war (even the word appeared in the corresponding “volonter”) and decide due to travel to the conflict zone their personal problems. Some of them managed to put together this solid condition, bought apartments, houses, and cars, and began to make solid financial means. Sometimes the “volunteers” were caught trafficking humanitarian aid (including and foreign), sometimes simply marketed that military “volunteers” sent from Donbas huge trucks through the “New mail”. Known history when things the residents of Donbas “volunteers” were sold through social networks.

Thus, the word “volunteer” has been blurred by the Ukrainian nationalists and Maidan.

“Atoshnik” – “the killer”, “criminal”, “killer”, “Marauder”

A similar evolution has occurred with the word “atoshnik”, I mean member of the ATO – the so-called anti-terrorist operation, announced in April 2014, Mr. Turchynov (and at the initial stage of sales, as he himself said, by “activists” and criminals, as the army refused to fight with compatriots).

Abbreviation ATO post-Maidan authorities have called not only for armed conflict with the militia DND and LNR, but also the annihilation of the peaceful population of Donbass. Much enthusiasm was expressed by the nationalist media about the “heroic volunteers”, impossible to describe. In Ukraine created multiple myths about them. But gradually began to appear more and more negative about “the volunteers”. With them linked the growth of crime, trafficking in arms and drugs, they returned to “civilian life” is inadequate, suffering from acute psychosis and other manifestations of post-traumatic syndrome.

Along the way, it turned out that many of them are not heroes, but ordinary criminals, and not selfless. Part of the “volunteers” were moreover repeatedly tried, long before ATO (remember the story of the battalion “Tornado”). And the people of Ukraine are increasingly wondering how this obvious bandits, the authorities have entrusted the weapon?

Give one of the most innocent of scandals with “atoshnik”, which made a lot of noise in Ukraine.

“As reported in the police Irpin, Vorzel, in the Park down the street unknown stole a monument to the heroes of the ATO. The memorial was erected in 2016 in the memory of the Heavenly hundred and those killed in the Donbass Ukrainian fighters. On Tuesday, December 10, residents noticed that the monument in place there and around the ruined plate and concrete pad. Law enforcement officers found and detained the man, who mocked at the memorial. He was a citizen P., a resident of Vorzel. As it turned out, the man threw a monument to the trash” – so wrote the media.

Как на Украине слова «активист», «волонтёр», «атошник» меняют свой смысл

After that, a storm of indignation passed through the tapes of Ukrainian nationalists in the social networks, they demanded severe punishment for the vandals, knowing that “Kremlin agents” and “separatists”. But the ardor cooled a message: “the Man who in Vorzel demolished and threw away the monument to Heavenly hundred and heroes of the ATU, he was a former member of the fighting in the Donbass. As reported in the National police, the monument was located on his land. Former atoshnik received a plot of land by decision of village Council wanted to begin construction. To begin construction work on his land, he was forced to dismantle the monument.”

In this message, it is also important that most of the “volunteers” get their “combat exploits” of land and other benefits. Because of this, many have gone to the ATO. It is clear that then they spit on the memory of the “heroes”.

But the main crime of “volunteers”, of course, the destruction of monuments (although they are adept at this), and killing people. They did that in the Donbas, continue to do and upon returning from the war. Gradually the word “atoshnik” is becoming synonymous with the word “killer”, “killer”. Because many of the “volunteers” hired murder had made it their main “profession”.

When the Ministry Avakov released information about the murder of Pavel Sheremet, it came as a shock to nationalists and their supporters. They believed that this created “the volunteers”. Ukrainian media and government, began to write about what can’t do “heroes ATO.” Began to invent all sorts of denials, although the authorities have gently hinted that enjoyed a small part of the available information, and in General in Ukraine there was a wave of such murders and assassinations.

Как на Украине слова «активист», «волонтёр», «атошник» меняют свой смысл

One of the most important evidence, “innocence” so-called heroes of the ATO to murder called the lack of motive. Didn’t have Sheremet such a known person to his death destabilized the situation in Ukraine.

It is clear that the murder Sheremet could not cause the uprising in the Ukraine. But this does not mean that in this crime there was no motive. If we consider the situation carefully, it becomes clear that these motives were not confined to Ukraine, and the performers about the true motives, as it happens, did not even know.

So just a few years after the “revolution gidnost”, the words Ukraine has changed its meaning. Moreover, the positivity turned to negativity: “activists” were “hooligans,” “the volunteers” – the “killers”, “volunteers” ATO – “scams”. Well, appropriate citizens who are not smitten by the virus of nationalism and independence, knew this from the beginning.

On the photo: “Volunteer” Julia Kuzmenko, a suspect in the murder of Pavel Sheremet, in the chair someone from the residents of Donbass…

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