As is necessary and unnecessary to save car fuel specialist

With these tips, you can save 15 to 60 percent of motor fuel, writes Autoblog

Як потрібно і непотрібно економити автомобільне паливо - фахівець

With these tips, you can save 15 to 60 percent of motor fuel, writes Autoblog.

Method # 0: Visit serviceOut of competition.
Increased fuel consumption may cause a lot of damage. Everything written in this article assumes that your vehicle is roadworthy.
Regularly attend the service.

Method # 1: Decrease CxCx is the drag coefficient. The more the car looks like a piece of soap, so it is smaller.
For Example, The G-Wagon, Cx = 0,55

The Toyota Prius, Cx = 0.25

Racing car: Cx = 0,16
If you already forgot when the last time you used a roof rack, then why not to remove?

Method # 2: Reduce weight of the carWell, that’s understandable: less weight – less fuel.
Check if you do not carry with them unnecessary things (child seat, winter tires and bottles of “wash” in the summer).

Has decided to put additional sound insulation? Remember that it will increase the mass of your car for 50-100 kg, and the consumption of 0.4-0.7 l. That is the noise you will be charged the entire service life of the car.

In countries with perfect roads it is reasonable to remove the spare tire. However, there is a new machine and so it is not supplied.

Method # 3: Change your driving styleFor someone there are an endless supply of saving (according to the boring German Council of traffic safety – up to 25%).

What style of driving the most economical – the “smart” choice of speed, smooth acceleration and braking. You also need to consider the traffic lights and traffic in General. In a nutshell: the less you use the brake, the less fuel.

Method # 4: wisely choose your time to visitStanding in traffic, wasting gasoline.
Maybe it makes sense to go with the stock? Maybe even at 6 in the morning? Yes, you will arrive early, but you will save time and fuel.

Method # 5: choose Wisely the routeA navigation is provided with the function of alerts about traffic jams. Some days it can save you several hours of time and a few liters of gasoline.

Method # 6: On the highway use cruise speedCruising speed is the speed at which fuel consumption is minimal. Most often it is achieved at the last gear when the rpm of 2-2. 5 thousand rpm.

The more powerful the car, the higher cruising speed.
Very often the cruising speed indicated in the service book of the car. Take a look, maybe you have it listed there.

Method # 7: choose the Right transmissionAs already mentioned, fuel consumption is minimal when the tachometer – 2-2,5 thousand./min., Try to always choose a gear to move on these turns.
Modern machines sometimes install special prompter, which signals when to switch up or down. At the end of such a machine may even expose you to a “rating on the environment”.
If you have a machine, think about an adjustable speed, you certainly don’t have to.

Method No. 8: Choice of tyresSome tyres consume more fuel, others less. The difference can be up to 0.5 liters per 100 km. will Agree, a lot?
Choosing fuel-efficient tires, is not based on manufacturer data and the actual analysis that is performed all the leading auto publications.

Method # 9: do not put wheels larger radiusMany put on their cars wheels of larger radius, for example, R16 is R14. Of course, you can agree that the car looks “cooler»:
But, unfortunately, it will have to pay increased costs.
Reliable data is unknown, but there is a belief that the 1 cm radius increases the flow rate of 1 liter per 100 kilometers. a Lot.

Method No. 10: Buy a heated garageTo warm the car in winter is not easy, and while it heats up, burning precious fuel. Heated garage can solve this problem.

Bad method # 1: turn Off appliancesOf course, if you are in the heat turn off the air conditioner and will sweat, the flow rate will decrease significantly (about 2 l/100 km). To open the door is not an option. You remember that in this case will worsen the aerodynamics of the car.
From the same series to disable the lights, music, heated seats.
Do not consider this a good way to save. If we are to abandon the comfort of the car, you have to go through and change on the bike,

Bad method # 2: Movement in “Aeron” big trucks

I’d like to see a man who cares so much about the environment that is ready for a long time “swallow” exhaust KAMAZ. Yes, and the driver of the truck, I think, will not long endure such a “rabbit” and try to do something. And about “Keep your distance” can be forgotten.

Bad method # 3: Additives for engine

Mean “miracle additives” that are poured in the gas tank or the crankcase and which promise fuel savings. I once followed this thread, but still no car publishing are unable to identify some significant savings.

Bad way # 4: the Drive to “neutral»

When the car is rolling downhill or dokatyvaetsya coasting to the traffic light, you can put the gear lever in neutral position. The machine stops the braking motor, and thus, we save. Here’s a theory. In practice, the fuel economy will be. At the same time riding on the “neutral” can be dangerous – at the right time you simply will not be able to quickly pick up speed. And it may be necessary, e.g. in case of drift.

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