As “jackets” poles and “reform Nefedov” paralyzed customs.

Why on the Western border are kilometer car queue

Как "пиджаки", поляки и "реформы Нефедова" парализовали таможню.

The Western border after the launch of “custom beach” paralyzed queue. Photo: Alexander Jetways run the “new customs” from its head Nefedova Western border of the paralyzed record many kilometers of queue.

The worst situation in two areas – the checkpoint “Yagodin” in Volyn and the checkpoint “Tisa” in Transcarpathia. At these checkpoints has accumulated as trucks and light vehicles with buses that are on clearance for hours.

“The country” to figure out why on the border happened, the collapse and when I unload the queue.

Not-A Boycott

Long caravans of trucks on the Carpathians stretch from the cordon to the neighboring villages.

“This has never happened to trucks in the village stood. On the track impossible to drive. Already a couple of days,” complains “the Country” a resident of the village Tyihlash Uzhgorod district Oksana Koval.
In Transcarpathia – kilometer line of trucks reaching from the checkpoint to the villages

A similar situation – in the Volyn region. Customs clearance waiting days or longer.

There are several theories as to why the Western boundary was paralyzed.

One of them, the reason was announced by the head of the customs service Nefedov “reset”, anti-smuggling, bribes and cleaning personnel. Former curator of the electronic system of public procurement “of Prozora” promised to lay off five hundred of the “most odious” customs officers, “the heads of the scheme” and “professional and honest people” to a few months to avoid the “same story”.

“These queues are already calling “the name of the beach”. Customs officers before the upcoming layoffs make loads slowly and all the requirements, this kind of boycott of the new leadership, “Italian strike”. Some of those who want to dismiss, they say everything is already “worked out” and remain (the price is a few hundred thousand bucks, and loyalty). Others still will be replaced – people Pavlyuk (until recently a little-known but influential customs, Chernivtsi businessman, a longtime friend ze in the past the assistant to Igor Kaletnik, the former head of customs service, – Approx. Ed.). These “professionals” nowhere to put the stigma,” told “the Country,” a source at Volyn customs.

Как "пиджаки", поляки и "реформы Нефедова" парализовали таможню.

Caravans of trucks were blocking the streets along the routes in Volyn and Transcarpathia. Photo: Alexander Gelty

Another source says that the customs block the smuggling, that all the trucks and cars thoroughly checked – totally weigh and scan.

“But it can be “demonstrations”, they say, the new leadership is struggling with the double bass,” says the source.

The quota of poles, a riot “jackets” and crashes

According to another version, which is officially promoted in the customs queue at the border was formed at fault of the Polish side, namely because of the cuts in quotas for trucks (130 thousand last year instead of 260 thousand). Previous permission from the waggons over, and new are not issued.

“All go to Slovakia, where these permissions are in stock and cheaper Polish. Therefore, the situation will remain tense, and further, until you see the new Polish resolution”, explains the Transcarpathian customs GFS Alla Datsyuk.

But now the queue – and on the Polish border in Jagodina. Then the congestion will explain the output and repair of the checkpoint on the Polish side, in the “Dorohusk”, which must be completed before the end of this year.

“Trucks do checks on a smaller number of bands” – said the press Secretary of the Customs chamber in the White Podlasie Marzena Semeniuk.

Truckers and our sources on the border believe that played a role several factors.

“This reform Nefedova (boycott and hangs the system because of the reboot, he incidentally warned about the failures), and repair of transmission, and the expiration of permits from the poles. Although the latter factor has minimal impact, these permissions are actually enough” – said a source in the Western frontier service.

“More and “jackets” to cover the roads to be allowed to take as much as necessary,” adds the source.

Scheme “jackets” used crushing large quantities of goods and declaring them as goods for own use straw owners to avoid paying taxes. The absence in the Ukrainian legislation restrictions on “piece goods” transportation of goods on a temporary criterion that allows dealers to cross the border dozens of times a day.

Under the new regulations, goods worth up to 500 euros may be imported, if the person is absent in Ukraine for more than 24 hours and moves at most once within 72 hours. Alexander Kharchenko

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