As Polish propaganda erases from the map of the Republic of Belarus

The Polish upper classes eager to “ruins of the Soviet Union” will forever be the debris

Как польская пропаганда стирает с карты Республику Беларусь

In late October, several Polish publications began to write about the Russian military that emerged from the borders of the Commonwealth. The Weekly Najwyzszy Czas! said: “Russian and Belarusians trained troops from our borders”.

Как польская пропаганда стирает с карты Республику Беларусь

Cooperation of armed forces of Russia and Belarus is attracting increased attention from the Polish media – even in those cases when arriving to Brest is only one company of Russian paratroopers. Even more closely in Poland watching the process of integration within the Union state. About it without end writing media of almost any kind.

This campaign was launched in December 2018 after the President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation about a new level of integration between Russia and Belarus. In Poland immediately called it an ultimatum of Moscow. Gazeta Wyborcza undertook to explain: “the men in the Kremlin see the traditional way to recover recent downloads in the “small victorious war” – such as the annexation of Crimea and aggression against Georgia”. And the title of the article was given this: “Why Vladimir Putin wants to devour Belarus Lukashenko”.

In February 2019 Najwyzszy Czas! said that “Lukashenko is desperately struggling to extend their power and existence of Belarus as a whole; he’s going to Moscow, and this could be his last trip to the capital of the great neighbor”. Readers frightened: Belarus is about to disappear from the map.

In March 2019 the portal dragged into the light of the publication of the Agency Bloomberg, which tells that Putin wants to remain President after 2024, but as head of the Union state. Twenty years ago the same was said about Yeltsin and Lukashenko. All repeats.

April and may were a time of discussion in the Polish media in the failed coup in Minsk. To organize a coup, of course, Moscow was trying. The reason for the insinuations was the arrest of former security chief Lukashenko Andrei Vtyurin. Gazeta Wyborcza on the importance reported: “the Officer had to come to terms with the Russian diplomat against his boss”. Under the diplomat meant the former Russian Ambassador in Belarus Mikhail Babich. Simultaneously the website launched into a discussion about the impending Anschluss of Belarus and the dominance of the Russian special services. Speculation based on unnamed unnamed publications of Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian journalists.

In the first days of June Najwyzszy Czas! vomit “sensation”: “the Kremlin will have to kill Lukashenko!”

In July the Republic of Belarus was buried Gazeta Polska and Gazeta Polska Codziennie. In the article “the King expands Empire” both Newspapers were worried what would happen if after 2024 Putin will remain in power.

And in August 2019 Gazeta Polska Codziennie said: “the Annexation of Belarus closer.”

Autumn came, and the Polish media just exploded. Heard about plans of Moscow and Minsk on deepening integration: “it Seems that the fate of Minsk has been resolved. But Lukashenko sooner or later will make concessions that would require the Kremlin,” wrote Rzeczpospolita. Flashed the headlines: “Belarus – the vanishing neighbor”, “Russia absorbs Belarus. The end of independence”

Как польская пропаганда стирает с карты Республику Беларусь

The October forum “Minsk dialogue” in the capital of Belarus, and overtures Vladimir Makei reactions to the possible exit of Belarus from the Union state have shown that the seeds of the Polish propaganda sprout on the Belarusian soil. It is unfortunate that the needs, the timely evaluation of these propaganda masterpieces do not get.

Not remained aloof and Belsat (Polish TV channel in the Belarusian language), who predicted that soon Belarus will not differ from Bashkortostan and Tatarstan; once the “green men” come into the country for joint exercises and will remain there forever.

The fight against the Russian-Belarusian integration in Poland comes with all the power that one can Polish propaganda machine. In October the Catholic portal Polonia Christiana gave a forecast: “it is Possible that 8 December 2019 Russia is much closer to the borders of Poland. We will not border with the Kaliningrad oblast, and directly with Russia”.

The above quotation, the headlines are just the tip of the iceberg. In a programmatic article, Jaroslaw Kaczynski “a Strong Poland in the world”, published in 2011, stated: “…every major member state of the European Union, and Poland itself is, has or tries to have your own space especially close cooperation… naturally they should be the countries lying to the East and North-East of Poland, including the States that emerged on the ruins of the Soviet Union”.

For Warsaw it is important that the new independent States that emerged in Eurasia after 1991, were and remained “the ruins of the Soviet Union” – only Poland has a chance to get on this part of the post-Soviet world “their space”. Although the Jamestown Foundation offered to shoot with Alexander Lukashenko, the label “Europe’s last dictator”, the poles will be the last one to do it.

Poland is preparing its own version of “change the fate” of Belarus. For three years all visits of Polish politicians constantly naezzhaya in Belarus, built on the same scheme: a visit to Minsk, then drive through the Western regions, where living in Belarus Polish minority.

Как польская пропаганда стирает с карты Республику Беларусь

Marshal of Senate of Poland, Stanislaw Karchevsky meet in Grodno with bread and salt

In parallel, Warsaw supports the Union of poles in Belarus, who in August celebrated the 75th anniversary of the first battle of the anti-Soviet home Army with the troops of the NKVD. The event, held in the Hrodna region, received a report on Polish radio and a welcome letter from Prime Minister Moravcova. (Recall: Grodno region was annexed to the Byelorussian SSR in the liberation campaign of the red army in Western Belarus in September 1939).

Now Belarusian General census. Before it was in Wroclaw Foundation “Young kresy” started the campaign “Remember who you are!”. The campaign aims to increase the number of those who signed pole and indicated Polish as their native language. The action is carried out on the Internet and on the streets of Grodno – stickers with the hashtag #JestemPolakiem, #Japalak, #Apalach molded on lampposts, bus stops and anywhere.

Как польская пропаганда стирает с карты Республику Беларусь

The Polish “soft power” in action. Page of the Fund “Young kresy” in Facebook

Grenoble to Warsaw also thought part of the future of the Polish space is “particularly close cooperation.”Sergey Pavlenko

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