As signs of vitamin deficiency are manifested on the skin

Как признаки дефицита витаминов проявляются на коже

Our skin is very sensitive to the lifestyle that we lead. Therefore, the condition of the skin can tell a lot about the state of our health. Doctors even say that skin diseases as such does not exist. All the problems that occur “on the surface” man, there deep inside.

Sedentary lifestyle, toxins in the body, poor diet — all this in one way or another affects the skin. And today’s edition of “So easy!” tell how the deficiency of different vitamins affect the skin.

Как признаки дефицита витаминов проявляются на коже

Skin problems

Of course, that the skin was glowing with health and beauty and she needs a thorough daily care. Also play a big role in heredity, predisposition to illness, or lifestyle.

But the greater impact food. So many skin problems in the early stages can be solved with proper nutrition. The main thing — to understand what caused the problem and what vitamins you are missing the skin.

Как признаки дефицита витаминов проявляются на коже

  1. Dry skin — the body lacks vitamin A
    Usually the problem is trying to solve by using creams that contain the vitamin a (retinol). However, the skin should be nourished not only outside but inside. Therefore, you should include in the diet of dairy products, eggs, fish, green and yellow vegetables.Как признаки дефицита витаминов проявляются на коже
  2. Skin rashes — the body lacks vitamin B2
    Riboflavin (aka vitamin B2) is actively involved in the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes. With the shortage of B2, except for the rash to appear mikrotreschinki on the skin. In this case, should eat more mushrooms, whole grain cereals, vegetables and dairy products.
  3. Eczema — the body lacks vitamin B3
    This vitamin not only affects the skin and nervous and digestive systems. Deficiency of B3 causes eczema, diarrhea and even dementia. A good source of B3 are foods that contain fiber.Как признаки дефицита витаминов проявляются на коже
  4. Yellow skin — the body lacks vitamin B12
    Vitamin a deficiency causes deterioration of health, shortness of breath, problems with vision, disturbance of skin pigmentation. Sources of B12 are eggs, meat, mushrooms, dairy products. In very advanced cases, the vitamin has thrust in the form of injections.
  5. Scurvy — the body lacks vitamin C
    If vitamin C is lacking, reduced connective tissue strength. Vitamin C affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Deficiency of the substance is manifested in the dryness and peeling. More vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, mango, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes.Как признаки дефицита витаминов проявляются на коже
  6. Psoriasis — the body lacks vitamin D
    It is known that vitamin D is necessary for bone health, but doctors prove its importance for healthy skin. In the treatment of psoriasis medications that contains vitamin D, improve the condition of the skin in the affected areas. The vitamin is found in fish, eggs, cereals, dairy products.
  7. Aging skin — the body lacks vitamin E
    With the help of a fat-soluble vitamin E body resists free radicals that come from polluted environment. The only way to reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. A lot of vitamin E contained in peanuts, almonds, sunflower oil, broccoli, spinach.Как признаки дефицита витаминов проявляются на коже

Our body certainly deserves to be carefully treated. We do not consider health a luxury and not appreciate until, until it begins to fail. But a healthy lifestyle is much easier, nicer and cheaper than taking costly medications or to undergo courses of treatment.

So often pay attention to the signs of lack of vitamins and consume more of healthy food to maintain your health in excellent condition.

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