As the Americans closed holiday genocide

Как американцы прикрыли праздником геноцид

Photo: © facebookApproaching the new, 2020. A little more, and begin the joyful hustle and bustle, buying gifts, cooking for the feast. In the United States this holiday season has already begun. It began with one of the main national holidays — thanksgiving. It was celebrated on November 28. On this day, traditionally, millions of Americans gathered around the table to Express gratitude and appreciation to God, family and friends for wealth and a good attitude. The traditional address to the nation delivered by the President of the United States. Addressing his compatriots, he first of all reminded about the “American values”, which took “gratitude”, “sense of justice”, “the quest for the common good” and the “rule of law”.

Actually repeated what was recorded in the “Code of the pilgrims”, which was adopted in 1620. This act, which became the first normative source of American constitutionalism, was hailed the first settlers of the Massachusetts coast. They arrived from England on the ship “Mayflower” and promised to establish on the shores of the New world “just law” “for the common good”, in the presence of God.

In fact, with their activities and linked thanksgiving.

The fact is that already in the first winter more than half of the colonists died of hunger and cold. Only the help of the local Indians of the ethnic group Wampanoag saved the rest. The indigenous population not only supplied the survivors with food, but also taught them agriculture on its rocky soil.

In gratitude, the colonists staged together with Indian meal, and that was the reason for the celebration of thanksgiving. However, the settlers somehow thanked not their true saviors, a “higher power”. As for Indians, they made a special kind of “gratitude”. A few years later staged a real massacre. Only during the so-called war of King Philip, was destroyed 40% of the nation Wampanoag. All in all, the beginning of the XVIII century survived just over 16% of representatives of this ethnic group. So much for “gratitude” UN-American.

However, against other Indians was no better. Due to the fact that historians call the “American Holocaust”, the 10-million indigenous population of North America declined by the early twentieth century to less than 240 thousand. Guess who took the example of the Third Reich and ISIS (an organization banned in Russia)?

From the point of view of any of the rights the state formed in this way would qualify as “terrorist”. But not from the point of view of the Americans. They seriously believed that their government “based on principles of justice” and is highly “legal”.

Thus, when they are reminded of the extermination of the Indians to use the following “weighty” argument. This attitude to the indigenous inhabitants of America “was due to financial reasons”. It is clear that financial motives in the American view, justify everything, including the extermination of entire peoples.

The fact that the development of North America as a North American state was a large-scale financial transaction, and if to call things by their proper names – Scam. Not accidentally, the North American colonists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, partly in the official documents called “adventurers”, which translated into Russian means “adventurers”, “fun”, “adventurers”. Thus, in particular, referred to those settlers-the pilgrims, who landed from the “Mayflower” on the Massachusetts coast in 1620.

Their arrival was connected with the activity of a number of joint-stock companies: Plymouth, London, Massachusetts, Virginia etc.

The fact that the initial development of North America was carried out not by the state. It was entrusted to several companies founded by a British monarch. Shares of these organizations were distributed through subscription, and their buyers are promised high dividends, primarily due to gold mining.

In reality, it was pure deception. Any yellow metal on the shores of North America was not then discovered. Themselves as joint-stock companies was in the nature of financial pyramids in which all the profit is settled in the pockets of their creators, and the common shareholders in the end had to be nothing.

It is clear that this AO is not invested in the development of overseas lands penny. Victims of this Scam and were the settlers from the Massachusetts coast. They had been promised financial support for the creation of colonies. In practice, however, abandoned them to their fate. As we have seen, saved only by the good nature of the Indians. Which “rewarded” accordingly.

Subsequently, the British king was forced to liquidate the bankrupt joint-stock company. But the elimination of a fraud led to the emergence of a new – bigger, better and even more bloody. The crown agreed to “give” the settlers on those lands, which in the future would be reclaimed from the Indians. They were passed to concession with the right to a phased buyout. However, these land holdings moved to full ownership was to be eliminated one “small” obstacle – to destroy potential candidates. It was about the historical owners of this land – the Indians. This is what sparked the mass extermination of the local population.

It is noteworthy that one of the claims that served as the basis for separation of the North American colonies from England and was written in the Declaration of independence of the United States, restrictions imposed by London, the capture of new indigenous lands, which implied a containment of the issue of the killings of Indians. It is difficult to find another one so cynical of the constitutional act, which with the same extreme frankness was provided the right to the extermination of the indigenous population. So the thirst for enrichment, followed by the murder, eclipsed the “sense of justice” and “quest for the common good” of the founding fathers of the United States.

It remains to add only the following. In the world there are many questionable holidays. But only the Anglo-Saxons were so inventive that the highest expression of their own ingratitude and cruelty towards those who saved them, called the gratitude festival.

Как американцы прикрыли праздником геноцид

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