As the appearance of the person depends on the sign of the zodiac

Appearance not only depends on genetics and care. The sign under which people are born, also affects appearance. Here are the main features of the exterior, which have the signs of the zodiac.

Як зовнішність людини залежить від знаку зодіаку

The zodiac sign affects a person’s appearance. Of course, external factors and habits make adjustments. Athletic Aquarius who is engaged in your body can turn into a plump pie. And proud posture of a Lion, will suffer under the weight of worries in life, reports Rus.Media.

Important is how a person relates to himself. You need to live in harmony with yourself and emphasize your natural characteristics. Then the appearance will be truly happy regardless of the sign of the zodiac.


Has a rather athletic body type, although can not boast endurance. Expressive eyes. But not through the color. The Rams look shrewd, even prickly. Often on the face of this sign of the zodiac emblazoned a small scar, because the Rams often get head injuries. Just walk past the door and hit the doorframe. Gait the Rams I’m sure women go smoothly, and as though coin steps.


Boasts proportional facial features. The face men and women very pretty, the lips are often full, inviting. The bulls may not have a strong body, but their confidence makes those around them a little afraid. This zodiac sign follow the figure, hates it when the waist and hips you receive excess fat.


The representatives of this zodiac sign – stroinski. I love to sit on the different diets to cleanse the body. Doing yoga, doing every day exercises. They have clean skin, well-groomed hands. The Twins looks really aristocratic. High forehead, and a very flat nose make the face soulful and thoughtful.


Cancers can boast of by nature thick and luxurious hair. They have fine facial features: small eyes, neat mouth with thin lips, beautiful narrow eyebrows. A bulbous nose is rare in Cancers. This zodiac sign is prone to some weight gain. Women vydatni Breasts, men have broad shoulders. The hips are a bit narrow.


The features of this zodiac sign, as if carved from granite. They are very clear and memorable. Lions are by nature thick and beautiful hair, although they prefer a short and practical hairstyle. The lion is physically strong and hardy sign. Him under the force of any load. And yet it has a proud posture and gait. He never is in a hurry.


Virgo slender and quite high. They love to care for themselves, to experiment with hairstyles. Virgo dress up stylish and fashionable, though not always on the figure. This sign has very pretty eyes. They are often a light shade framed by thick and long eyelashes.


Lips plump and tender. Eyes shining, oval face, but most often with a broad forehead. Chin graceful. One problem with age, some deteriorate the figure. Even from the slender nature of the Weight can gain more than a dozen pounds. But kompensiruet pleasant facial features. A smile of Weights is simply mesmerizing.


His face with a pronounced chin. Eyes wide apart, looking shrewdly and somewhat cold. Scorpio often immersed in difficult thoughts, frowns, so his forehead at the age of striated deep wrinkles. Scorpions are not often gain weight, but skinny and not call them.


The main feature of Sagittarius – their outstanding growth. Even in a crowd of Sagittarius can be seen through his giant growth. Body type is athletic, very well-developed legs. Therefore, Sagittarius is shown running and a cross equal they will not. Oblicze in Sagittarius often oblong, thin nose. Lips are sensual and look delicate.


Sign athletic build, with wide cheekbones, close-set eyes. Capricorns do not have lively facial expressions, their emotions are always under lock and key. Even in old age Capricorns look younger than their years. Their skin is almost wrinkle-free. Capricorns are proud of our strong teeth.


Representatives of this sign are tall, athletic. They perfectly control your body, have great plasticity and elegance. Women amaze proportionate and sexy figure: wide hips and prominent Breasts. Aquarians have rarely curly hair, usually straight and not very thick.


The figure of a Fish similar to an Apple. This sign has a round body type: prominent belly, rather thin shoulders and legs. The Fish round the face with a veil of coquetry. Lips small but full, inviting. Hair beautiful, most bright. Fish carefully care for the nails.

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