As the introduction of artificial intelligence has influenced digital advertising

In the study, IAB Europe and Xaxis companies have figured out how the introduction of artificial intelligence is reflected in increased profitability, improved targeting agencies and advertisers, and what is most afraid industry of online advertising.

Как внедрение искусственного интеллекта повлияло на цифровую рекламу

Under the artificial intelligence (AI) in the study understand Autonomous algorithms that analyze data. At the moment AI is used in many areas: search engines, product recommendations, financial trading and content recommendations. In particular, in some applications, for example Google Home, voice assistant, Alexa (Amazon) and Siri (Apple).

After the introduction of AI in business processes over 50% of respondents noted that they have increased performance and a competitive edge in the market. Almost three quarters (71%) of advertisers in Germany and more than half (56%) in Italy noted that the implementation of AI has accelerated the development of innovative processes in their business. In the UK, 32% of surveyed advertisers say that the main advantage of the introduction of the AI — increased the profitability of their businesses.

Comparable and the results of a survey among agencies in Poland and UK. Almost a third (32%) said revenue growth in the use of AI. Among the British agencies 46% say that the AI increased profitability of their enterprises.

Как внедрение искусственного интеллекта повлияло на цифровую рекламу
Interviewed Agency representatives, 61% of respondents said that AI has helped to set targets. The same conclusions hold 43% of publishers, and 53% of technology companies.
Как внедрение искусственного интеллекта повлияло на цифровую рекламу
In addition, AI has helped to improve audience segmentation that said 30% of representatives of advertisers, 55 percent of agencies 40% of publishers, and 42% of intermediaries. Agency in Germany, also note that AI helps to reduce CPA (43%) and to increase the number of leads.

According to advertisers, the AI is the best way to conduct marketing research. New technologies allow us to better know your audience, make a clearer segmentation of the audience and increase conversions.

Publishers worse all spoke about the ability of AI to improve the quality of marketing research and to increase conversion, this was stated nearly 62% of the representatives.

Как внедрение искусственного интеллекта повлияло на цифровую рекламу
Respondents noted two key challenges in using artificial intelligence, which will have to face in the future. First obtaining reliable information about what really is the driver of growth for the business, and the second is the reduction of human control over processes that are not always well reflected in the reliability of the data.

In the end, 62% of respondents said that the introduction of AI gives more time to solve complicated strategic problems, as it takes a whole lot of routine processes themselves. About 59% said using new technology to get more relevant data that simplifies decision-making. It is worth noting that 5% of respondents think that the introduction of AI could threaten their work.

Как внедрение искусственного интеллекта повлияло на цифровую рекламу
IAB Europe together with the Xaxis surveyed more than 1000 top managers of agencies, advertisers, publishers, intermediaries and technology companies in 31 countries. The study was conducted from March to April 2018, Almost half of respondents (47%) work in the field of online advertising for over six years, about 22% — four to five years, 18% — from one to three years, 13% — less than one year.

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