As the rhythm of “owls” effect on the health and beauty

In the modern rhythm of nocturnal can lead to serious health problems.

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On which time interval accounts for your peak creative activity? You may feel a burst of energy after Breakfast and after dinner and is able to work on the rise before midnight? Unfortunately, today the true “owls” have quite difficult in a world that lives according to the laws of “larks”. And this despite the fact that the first usually have a higher level of intelligence compared to fans of early risers. However, from the point of view of health, it is better to become at least a little “lark”, as the night life can be dangerous for women. Enumerated major threats, informs Rus.Media.

Increases the risk of developing cancer

Women who regularly go to bed before midnight will automatically be in high ankerika and especially the risk of developing breast cancer. This is confirmed by the results of several studies, one of which was recently conducted by the British medical research Council in conjunction with the research Foundation Oncology. According to the latest data, “the lark” the risk of cancer is below 40%, the risk of developing breast cancer even lower by 48% in comparison with the “owls”. According to experts, it is connected with disturbance of circadian rhythms in response to light and dark, regulate physiological processes in the body within 24 hours.

The risk of obesity

According to researchers at Loughborough University, as a rule, the “early birds” slimmer “owls”. Suggested causes: those who get up early, before Breakfast, while the “owls” is often practiced night snacking. Besides, lack of sleep, often occurs in those who sleep later, and affects the production of leptin, the so-called satiety hormone. Researchers from Oxford University found that even short-term sleep deprivation leads to increased consumption of carbohydrates, particularly foods with a high sugar content.

Dietician Helen bond suggests “owls” to set the temporary threshold (for example, 8 PM), after which the snacks are not permitted. But to resist temptation is early to brush my teeth.

The risk of depression

“Owls” are considered to be persons not only more creative but also more cheerful and sociable. However, they often fall into depression. Scientists have suggested that severe depression symptoms, including increased anxiety, manifested in “owls” even in the early stages of developing the disorder.

According to one study, which was attended by more than 30 thousand women, there is a fairly clear linear relationship: the later we sleep, the more likely the development of depression. “There is some Association chronotis patients and depression, but the overall picture remains unchanged,” explained the study’s lead author Professor céline Vetter.

The risk of early death

During the observation of 500 000 by the British during the six years it has become clear that those who later falls asleep and difficulty waking up in the morning, are at risk of premature death compared to “larks”. Researchers from northwestern University in Chicago found “owls” increased risk of developing diabetes, neurological disorders and mental health problems. It is noted that a late bedtime is often associated with elevated levels of stress, lack of exercise, neurological problems and unbalanced diet. “Owls”, who are trying to live in the world “larks” may face serious consequences for health,” said Dr. Kristen Knutson.

According to conventional theory, chronotype determined by genetics. However, researchers from northwestern University found that “owls” can get a little “larks” with a corresponding natural or artificial light in the early afternoon.

In addition, do not forget about the basic rules of good sleep

Adhering to, go to bed and Wake up at the same time each day.

To avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, preferably at least 4-5 hours before bedtime.

The bedroom should be dark, cold and without gadgets.

If you’ve been in bed for 20 minutes, can’t sleep and feeling fear or anxiety for this reason, it is better to get up and do something relaxing that causes drowsiness.